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12 januar 2010

Pengevask med mere i IPCC

A British government department, DEFRA, has paid taxpayers’ money to a British University which in turn paid it to the British subsidiary of an Indian research organisation, which in turn seems to have paid it to a New Zealand university scientist so that he could work for an international organisation based in Geneva – the IPCC.

Welcome to the bizarre world of climate change politics, where nothing is what it seems and governments indulge in behaviour which, in other circumstances, would look very much like money laundering. But, bizarre though it might appear, this is only half the story. The reality is even more convoluted – the word “bizarre” doesn’t even begin to describe it.


So, it would appear that one of the most powerful and influential men in the IPCC process, second only to Rajendra Pachauri, actually works directly for TERI India, which – like its master – has benefitted and stands further to benefit from climate alarmism.

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IPCC formanden – jernbaneingeniøren Pachauri gik ind for CO2 nedskæringer i København

Hjemme igen i Indien tjener han fedt på CO2-udledning.

Pachauri was on boards of oil and power utilities, with large carbon footprints, and got “crores-worth” (10 million rupees – about £140,000) of business for TERI from them.

Thus does Singh note that while Pachauri had advocated emission reductions at the recently concluded Copenhagen Climate Summit, “back home in India, he seems to be failing to uphold standards of propriety in his professional dealings.”

6 januar 2010

Endnu større end ClimateGate – PachauriGate

Jorden brænder under IPCC direktøren – klimajernbaneingeniøren Dr. Rajendra Pachauri.

And so Dr. North is building a dossier on TERI Europe in the hopes of gathering sufficent evidence to lodge a formal and robust complaint with the UK Charity Commission. Investigation of the complaint would mean that Dr. Pachauri (and others within TERI, Europe or elsewhere) will have to specify their earnings and their sources of income. If this succeeds the scandal that will be revealed will be bigger then Climategate by not just a factor, but by several orders of magnitude.

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