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29 august 2016

Her er Dennis Pragers “tale” til nye studerende

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Den er der hårdt brug for på de amerikanske high schools(gymnasier) og universiteter

Og den kan vel også tilpasses danske forhold !

Så værsågod, minister Ellen Trane Nørby

23 juni 2010

Udskiftningen af Norges befolkning går planmæssigt

Hele tre Oslo-skoler får ingen etnisk norske førsteklassinger.

11 marts 2010

Er KFUM på banen igen?

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Kulturberígelse på skole i Helsingør.

25 maj 2008

Kun i Brønshøj?

Forældre for fred.

14 april 2008

Britisk mor giver multikulturen skylden for sin søns hjerneskade

THE mother of a 15-year-old boy left with brain damage by an Asian gang is blaming multi-culturalism for the way ethnic minorities get away with violent bullying in schools.

Liz Webster, 43, from Swindon, whose son Henry nearly died in the attack, believes a “culture of timidity” among teachers is stopping them clamping down on ethnic minority bullies because they fear accusations of racism. She also accuses teachers of failing to recognise that ethnic minorities can exhibit racism against whites.

Her son, who was a pupil at Ridgeway comprehensive, near Swindon, was set upon by a 16-strong Asian gang, smashed on the skull by repeated blows from a claw hammer and left for dead. Last week 13 of the gang were convicted of charges relating to the attack.


Og skolens personale? Feje skiderikker:

 In the immediate aftermath of the assault, neither the school’s headmaster, Steven Colledge, nor any of its 90 teachers visited the Webster family or even sent a get-well card.

“If they had once said they were sorry, or asked how he was, it would have made all the difference. It is as if they want to sweep us and everything to do with us, under the carpet. Whatever was going on, Henry had absolutely nothing to do with it. He seems to have been picked on just because he is big and has ginger hair.”

Og ‘pakierne’ – det kalder de sig selv: Mindst 13 mod en.

In front of at least 250 school-children, the gang yelled: “That’s what you call Paki-bashing,” while punching the air.

Teachers also declined to get involved when the Websters requested extra vigilance for their younger son, Joe, 12, who was anxious to continue at the Ridgeway with his friends. The younger boy was surrounded by a threatening gang of Bengali-speaking Asians a few weeks after the attack.

Læs hele historien på Times Online

Det kan ikke vare længe, før nogle briter eksploderer.

Politisk korrekt britisk ordbog: ‘Asian’ = muslimer.

13 januar 2008

Learning to love the dole

One might expect Europeans to view the world through a slightly left-of-center, social-democratic lens.

The surprise is the intensity and depth of the anti-market bias being taught in Europe’s schools. Students learn that private companies destroy jobs while government policy creates them. Employers exploit while the state protects. Free markets offer chaos while government regulation brings order. Globalization is destructive, if not catastrophic. Business is a zero-sum game, the source of a litany of modern social problems. Some enterprising teachers and parents may try to teach an alternative view, and some books are less ideological than others. But given the biases inherent in the curricula, this background is unavoidable. It is the context within which most students develop intellectually. And it’s a belief system that must eventually appear to be the truth.


Minimal reforms to the welfare state cost former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder his job in 2005. They have also paralyzed modern German politics. Former communists and disaffected Social Democrats, together with left-wing Greens, have flocked to Germany’s new leftist party, whose politics is a distasteful mix of anticapitalist demagoguery and right-wing xenophobia. Its platform, polls show, is finding support even among mainstream Germans. A left-leaning majority, within both the parliament and the public at large, makes the world’s third-largest economy vulnerable to destructive policies driven by anticapitalist resentment and fear of globalization. Similar situations are easily conceivable elsewhere and have already helped bring populists to power in Latin America. Then there is France, where President Nicolas Sarkozy promised to “rupture” with the failed economic policies of the past. He has taken on the country’s public servants and their famously lavish benefits, but many of his policies appear to be driven by what he calls “economic patriotism,” which smacks of old-fashioned industrial protectionism. That’s exactly what French schoolchildren have long learned is the way the world should work.

Læs mere om hvordan det franske og tyske undervisningssystem opdrager børnene til at elske velfærdsstaten og bistandshjælpen (dole). De, som har børn i skolealderen, burde måske kigge undervisningsmaterialerne igennem af og til. 

Foreign Policy

Meld din lærer


1 november 2007

Godt nyt til studerende

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17 juni 2006

Inspektør: Skoler giver køb på danske traditioner

En række skoler bøjer for meget af for muslimske familier, mener Nørrebro-skoleinspektør Lise W. Egholm, der bakkes op af skoleledernes formand.

Københavnske skoleinspektører giver for meget køb på danske normer og vaner, når de hænger badeforhæng op i omklædningsrummene til elever med muslimsk baggrund og indfører fridage på muslimske mærkedage.

Mere på Berlingske