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13 maj 2013

Hussein Obama adminstrationen har lært at bruge skattevæsenet mod politiske modstandere (Tea Party) af Roosevelt

I New Deal or Raw Deal? How FDR’s Economic Legacy Has Damaged America af Burton Folsom, Jr kan man læse følgende:

“Roosevelt’s quest for power and disdain for criticism had a sinister side. He used government agencies, especially the FBI and IRS, to harass his political opponents. Thus, at the president’s instigation, a case of tax evasion against former Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon was pursued, though known to be without basis by Elmer Irey, the head of the special intelligence unit of the IRS. Robert Jackson, who ordered the prosecution of Mellon, was later elevated to the Supreme Court. Mellon was eventually vindicated. As soon as Jesse Owens and Joe Louis criticized Roosevelt, IRS investigations of them commenced. Readers of this well-documented book will view Roosevelt with distaste.”

Fra en anmeldelse på The Mises Review