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23 april 2009

Topmålet af hykleri ved Durban II

Libyàs representative in Geneva for the UN conference on racism and xenophobia has urged former colonial powers to “do as the Italians did, follow Silvio Berlusconi and apologise for your colonial past and the racist marks that it has left”, reports Jana.

“The courage shown by the Italian people and their government represented by the Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, is an example to follow”, said the general secretary of the Libyan people for European affairs and cooperation. “We would like to request that the final declaration of this conference include a paragraph on this important recognition of guilt”.

Libya then underlined the necessity that the Durban 2 Final Declaration contain a paragraph on slavery and the slave trade between the two sides of the Atlantic, as well as sufficient compensation for what he called a “human tragedy”. Furthermore, he asked for the condemnation of religious defamation and the role of some of the media in propagating racist and xenophobic practices.

Above all, however, Tripoli asked that the document contain a clear passage on the “condemnation of Israeli practices in occupied Palestine and particularly in the Gaza Strip”.


Vi kan alle roligt gå ud fra, at det kun er Vestens slavehandel, der bringes frem her. Ikke islams. Muslimerne vil aldrig nogensinde undskylde nogetsomhelst.

13 november 2008

Berlusconi: Europa uden Tyrkiet er utænkeligt

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Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi today comes to Turkey for a summit meeting with the Turkish government, Hurriyet daily newspaper reports.

Before his trip to Turkey Berlusconi announced that he and his country were top advocates of Turkey.

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