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3 marts 2015

Iraqi Shiite Militia Leader: Give Me a Month, and I Will Make ISIS Terrorists Wear Women’s Clothing

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6 januar 2015

Religionsfrihed og religionsfrihed er to forskellige ting ligesom moderat islam og moderat islam også er to forskellige ting

In a video-clip posted on the Internet on December 27, Tunisian cleric Bechir Ben Hassen praises European countries for giving Muslims the freedom to preach belief in Allah.

In another video-clip, posted on the Internet on December 24, Ben Hassen delivers a sermon in Tunisia, where he prays that Allah will purge the country of the Shiites, saying that they pose a greater threat to Islam than that posed by the Jews and the Christians.

15 december 2014

Alt sammen på 2 minutter: Racisme, apartheid, anti-semitisme og fanatisme

16 december 2013

Hvilken islam er fredens religion – og hvilken er tolerancens religion?

Sunni eller shia?

Muslimer medbringer deres sekteriske konflikter til Vesten.

Grunnen til dette er at vi muslimske innvandrere, vi som utgjør den muslimske minoritet, vi er ikke fra Scandinavia. Vi har kommet fra Midtøsten. Og Midtøsten er sekterismens hjemland, med sekteriske konflikter som har foregått i århundrer. Vi har vokst opp sekteriske gnisning og gjensidige hat. Når vi kommer til Norge så overfører vi vår kultur. Det finnes mange positive sider ved den muslimske kulturen, men det finnes også negative sider, sier al-Kubaisi.

1 juli 2013

Muslimers værste fjende – andre muslimer

27 juni 2013

Rapport fra et område med stor mangfoldighed

Medan meldingane kjem om at den syriske borgarkrigen til no har kravd 100.000 liv sidan starten i 2011, åtvarar kongen av Jordan om at krigen kan blusse opp ei stor regional konflikt i Midtausten på grunn av dei religiøse samansetningane i regionen.

Det er heilt klart at den syriske borgarkrigen kan gå frå å vere ein borgarkrig til ein regional og sekterisk konflikt, sa Kong Abdullah ifølgje nyheitsbyrået Reuters.

I deler av Midtausten er det særskild spent stemning mellom sunni- og sjiamuslimske grupper. I Irak har 2.000 menneske blitt drepne sidan april i år. Mange av bilbombene i landet har vore retta mot bydelar kor ei av dei to muslimske gruppene er i stort fleirtal.

Også i Libanon har det fleire gonger dei siste vekene vore kampar mellom sunni- og sjiamuslimar. Den spente situasjonen mellom dei muslimske gruppene i både Libanon og Irak er påverka av den syriske borgarkrigen.

Mere på NRK

Officielt har man i mange år påstået, at der er omkring 200.000 muslimer i Danmark, men man har aldrig nævnt noget om fordelingen mellem sunnier og shiiter?

31 maj 2013

Muslimer vil ikke lade muslim blive begravet på muslimsk gravplads

“Hizb-satan” – that we must huske till another afsnit 🙂

14 maj 2013

Borgerkrigen i Syrien trækker spor i vestlige lande – her Australien

Se her hvad det er vi importerer i stor stil.

16 september 2012

Demokratidebat på ægyptisk TV

24 august 2012

Hvem andre end muslimer fejrer at nogen (Aisha) er i Helvede?

Britiske shia-muslimer fejrer dødsdagen for Muhammeds barnebrud Aisha.

2 september 2011

Tarek Fatah on islamofascists & politicians

2 december 2010

Hvad lever HetZZbollah af?

The whole world now knows that Hezbollah is a religiously inspired group of Lebanese Shia Arabs, supported by Syria and Iran that is devoted to the destruction of Israel.

They are not Palestinians fighting for a homeland. What the world does not know is that Hezbollah’s religious leaders, have also issued a “fatwa,” a theological ruling that sanctions worldwide support for the illegal production and distribution of narcotics to finance its war against Israel, America and their democratic allies in the West.

In addition to using drug money to finance its terrorist infrastructure Hizbullah believes that their drug trade will help weaken and enervate Western society. Hizbullah religious leaders say, “We are making these drugs for Satan, America and the Jews, if we cannot kill them with guns, so we will kill them with drugs.” Some of the evidence points to Canada as one of many places for transshipment and delivery to the United States.

As the Bekaa valley is now firmly in the hands of Hezbollah and beyond the control of the weakening central government of the besieged Lebanese State, the news agencies who report on that part of the world are curiously silent about what many people do in the Bekaa valley to make a living, who profits from these activities and where do the profits go.

Decades ago the Bekaa valley was a fertile breadbasket watered by the mountains of Lebanon. During the last few decades over two thirds of its arable land has been converted to producing cannabis and the poppies that are at the base of the marijuana and heroin trade.


“Crystal meth,” or “ice,” is often called “poor man’s cocaine.” It is based on refining pseudo ephedrine. In 2002 the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of the US government arrested a group of men in the U.S., all of them from the Middle East, who had been smuggling large amounts of pseudo ephedrine through Canada to the United States. “Operation Mountain Express” found 36 tons of pseudo ephedrine, 179 pounds of methamphetamine, over four million dollars in cash, eight properties and 160 cars that supported the smuggling and illegal sales ring. Many of the over one hundred people arrested had direct connections with Hezbollah.

Meget mere på New English Review

Geoffrey Clarfield is an Anthropologist at large.

3 august 2010

Shiamuslimsk jura (shariah)

Fra Rolf Slot-Henriksen : Racisme mod danskere 2010

Kirsten Damgaard, kulturpsykolog.


This reply, and reports of the rape of teen male prisoners in Iranian jails, may have prompted the following question: “Is the rape of men and young boys considered sodomy?”

Ayatollah Mesbah-Yazdi: “No, because it is not consensual. Of course, if the prisoner is aroused and enjoys the rape, then caution must be taken not to repeat the rape.”

A related issue, in the eyes of the questioners, was the rape of virgin female prisoners. In this instance, Mesbah-Yazdi went beyond the permissibility issue and described the Allah-sanctioned rewards accorded the rapist-in-the-name-of-Islam:

“If the judgment for the [female] prisoner is execution, then rape before execution brings the interrogator a spiritual reward equivalent to making the mandated Haj pilgrimage [to Mecca], but if there is no execution decreed, then the reward would be equivalent to making a pilgrimage to [the Shi’ite holy city of] Karbala.”

One aspect of these permitted rapes troubled certain questioners: “What if the female prisoner gets pregnant? Is the child considered illegitimate?”

Mesbah-Yazdi answered: “The child borne to any weakling [a denigrating term for women – ed.] who is against the Supreme Leader is considered illegitimate, be it a result of rape by her interrogator or through intercourse with her husband, according to the written word in the Koran. However, if the child is raised by the jailer, then the child is considered a legitimate Shi’a Muslim.”

2 august 2006

Hetzbollahs ondskab

This is a translation of a letter to the editor in the German leftwing daily, Die Tageszeitung. It’s from a Lebanese Shiite, explaining Hezbollah’s evil strategy:

I lived until 2002 in a small southern village near Mardshajund that is inhabited by a majority of Shias like me. After Israel left Lebanon, it did not take long for Hezbollah to take have its say in other towns. Received as successful resistance fighters and armed to the teeth, they stored rockets in bunkers in our town as well. The social work of the Party of God consisted in building a school and a residence over these bunkers! A local sheikh explained to me laughing that the Jews would lose in any event because the rockets would either be fired at them or if they attacked the rockets depots, they would be condemned by world opinion on account of the dead civilians. These people do not care about the Lebanese population, they use them as shields, and, once dead, as propaganda. As long as they continue existing there, there will be no tranquility and peace.

Let’s hope an international force can get there soon.

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