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24 maj 2012

Sabatina James om islam-propaganda i nationalt tysk TV: Salafisterne kommer!

17 maj 2012

Spiegel TV: Salafister uddeler gratis koraner i Tyskland

26 september 2010

Muslimske fundamentalister understøttes af hollandske skattepenge

The annual report of the General Intelligence Service (AIVD) says that Salafist Muslims have a large network of travelling preachers who give courses throughout the Netherlands to youngsters or operate local centers.

They obtain subsidies of local and national authorities for helping with homework, cultural and sport event, or social help. Member of Parliament Coskun Coruz (Christian Democrat) says that these practices have been going on despite Parliamentary complaints. The Christian Democrats and the Liberals and Freedom Party want municipalities to do their utmost to stop these practices.

16 september 2010

Salafister på gaden i Tyskland

23 april 2009

Venstreekstremister og islamister langt farligere end højrefløjen

The AIVD secret service is concerned about far left and Islamic extremism.

Conversely, there is scarcely any threat from the extreme right, according to the AIVD annual report on 2008.

The AIVD warns that radical Muslims often wear a mask. The service

“has observed in the past year that the well-known Salafist centres (…) express themselves more moderately in public than in closed circles. Outwardly, they try to create the impression of fostering integration of Muslims into Dutch society, while behind closed doors, polarising statements are made that could have a negative effect on society in the longer term.”


The AIVD is also concerned about extreme left activism. The service sees an increase in intimidation by animal rights activists in ‘home visits’ to scientists and staff of companies directly or indirectly involved with animal testing. This trend will continue in 2009. AIVD also sees an increase in violent actions against deportations of illegal migrants, increasingly operating in small cells.

Remarkable is the AIVD’s assessment of the Anti-Fascist and Capitalist Archive Collective (KAFKA). KAFKA is regularly cited by Dutch ‘quality media’ as a research institute into rightwing extremism, but its Antifascist Action (AFA) arm is in reality a movement that uses violence to achieve its goals.

The picture is often evoked of antifascists defending themselves against aggressive rightwing extremists, while the roles are generally reversed.” Especially at extreme-right Netherlands People’s Union (NVU) demonstrations, AFA organises violent counter-demonstrations. They have these “carried out by third parties, such as local antifascists, riot-loving youths and football hooligans.”

AFA has branches throughout the country and the support of a national secretariat. As well as through violence, AFA tries to combat rightwing extremism “by influencing local authorities”. AFA has contacts with foreign kindred spirits, particularly in Germany.

The extreme right remains a pretty powerless movement. “As in previous years, the extreme right environment in the Netherlands remains characterised by fragmentation and splits” and “there is no question of a trend towards extreme right terrorism”.

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Denne nyhed får du så med garanti ikke serveret af Danmarx Radio. En bemærkning – hvis du har glemt det, så benævnte imamerne der rejste rundt med tegningerne i sin tid sig selv som ‘salafister’. Og mon ikke AFA har forbindelser til ANTIFA i Skandinavien også?

2 april 2006

Naser Khader: Jeg vil være integrationsminister

Det radikale folketingsmedlem Naser Khader vil være integrationsminister. Han vil give islamisterne modspil.

Efter en kort time out fra offentligheden erklærer den radikale stifter af Demokratiske Muslimer, Naser Khader, åben krig mod islamisterog såkaldte salafister blandt de danske imamer.- Jeg har kun et mål, og det er at blive integrationsminister, siger han til Berlingske Tidende søndag.
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