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6 februar 2017

Sådan klarede guvernør Ronald Reagan Berkeley riots i 1969 !

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Og det er der – desværre – behov for idag

Fantastisk præcis slut kommentar af Reagan !

Taget herfra, hvor du kan læse mere

14 september 2013

Thomas Sowell om Obama og Syrien

When he was in the Senate, Obama — along with Senators Joe Biden, Chuck Hagel and Hillary Clinton — was critical of the Bush administration for not being favorable to the Assad regime.

Hillary Clinton said that she and other lawmakers who visited Assad considered him a “reformer.” Back in 2007, when Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, both Senator Biden and Senator Hagel chided her for not being more ready to negotiate with Assad.

Senator John Kerry in 2009 said, “Syria is an essential player in bringing peace and stability to the region.”

Some people said that having Joe Biden as Vice President meant that President Obama had someone with many years of foreign policy experience. What they ignored was that Biden had decades of experience being wrong on foreign policy issues, time and time again.

Biden opposed President Ronald Reagan’s military buildup that countered the Soviet Union’s buildup, and helped bring about both the end of the Cold War and the end of the Soviet Union. General David Petraeus’ “surge” strategy that greatly reduced the terrorist attacks in Iraq was opposed in 2007 by Senator Biden, who said, “We need to stop the surge and start to get our troops out.”

Senator Hillary Clinton not only opposed the surge from the outset, she was among those who refused to believe that it had succeeded, even after all the hard evidence had convinced most other people.

The grim reality is that key people in positions to shape our foreign policy during the Obama administration — the President, the Vice President, two Secretaries of State, and the current Secretary of Defense — all have a track record of grossly misconceiving the issues, our enemies and our national interest.

This is the administration that is now asking for a blank check from Congress to take unspecified military action to achieve unspecified goals.

“Military action” is a polite phrase for killing people. It would be nice to believe that this has some larger purpose than saving Barack Obama from political embarrassment, after having issued an ultimatum without having thought through what he would do if that ultimatum was ignored.

Mere på Capitalism Magazine

Så Socialkrobaterne og Waffen-SF vil have os til at gå med på en uigennemtænkt blanko-check til uspecificerede militæraktioner med uspecificerede mål.

22 marts 2013


23 oktober 2011

Ronald Reagans USSR jokes

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Ronald Reagan elskede at fortælle vittigheder om USSR. Her er nogle eksempler på “the great communicator”

Måske skulle man begynde at fortælle nogle (flere) vittigheder om vore islamistiske modstandere ?

27 februar 2008

Sådan skal det siges

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