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5 maj 2008

Berlusconi skal åbenbart spørge de islamiske lande om hvem han må medtage i sin kommende regering

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Roberto Calderoli, 52, a senior member of the Northern League, enraged Muslims two years ago during the row over a set of Danish cartoons featuring the Prophet Mohammed.

He appeared on television wearing a T-shirt printed with one of the cartoons. The Italian consulate in Libya was set on fire and 11 people died in riots.

Mr Calderoli has also threatened to defile the proposed site of a mosque in Padua by walking a pig over the ground. When Italy beat France in the 2006 World Cup, he said France had “sacrificed its identity by fielding niggers, Muslims and communists”.


Franco Frattini, who is likely to become foreign minister, promised that Mr Berlusconi would have a “dialogue” with Islamic countries before cabinet appointments.

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