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21 oktober 2013

Boganmeldelse: Exodus: Immigration and multiculturalism in the 21st century af Paul Collier

Migration, Paul Collier observes, “affects many groups, but only one has the practical power to control it: the indigenous population of host societies”.


So, he asks, “Should that group act in its self-interest, or balance the interests of all groups?” That is the question is at the heart of Collier’s new book.

A developmental economist, Collier has long been concerned with questions of poverty and justice, particularly in Africa. Truly to understand immigration, he argues, we have to unpack its impact on the three key groups – migrants themselves, the host community, and those left behind in the countries of origin. The real question, he suggests, is not whether immigration is good or bad, but how much of it brings benefits to each of these groups.

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