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23 marts 2009

Londonistan: Imamer siger: fortsæt med at fornærme militæret, ‘det onde demokrati’ og ytringsfriheden

Exiled Omar Bakri, his follower Anjem Choudary and Ishtiaq Alamgir, the man who led the recent protest against troops in Luton, said Muslims should continue to insult British soldiers and attack “evil” democracy and freedom of speech, no matter what the consequences.

They said British forces had “blood on their hands” and warned that Britain could face more terror attacks if it did not accept “the truth of Islam”.

The clerics spoke at a hotel in Walthamstow, with Bakri appearing by video link from Lebanon.

Mere på Evening Standard

15 marts 2009

Pat Condell om episoden i Luton

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Opdatering: Britiske tropper i triumftog gennem Derby.

11 marts 2009

Britiske soldater hjemvendt fra Irak skal ikke forvente heltemodtagelse


Two people were arrested during angry scenes as 200 soldiers marched through a Bedfordshire town centre to mark their return from Iraq.

It happened as anti-war protesters held placards saying “Anglian Soldiers Go To Hell” and “Butchers of Basra”.


The protesters then had to be protected by police as supporters of the soldiers turned on them shouting “Scum” and “No surrender to the Taleban”.

Mere på BBC

A Muslim preacher of hate today ridiculed British soldiers who were abused during a homecoming parade – branding them cowards who have an ‘uncanny knack for death by friendly fire’.

Firebrand preacher Anjem Choudary praised the Muslims who had protested at yesterday’s parade for the 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment in Luton.

And in an inflammatory message posted on an Islamic extremist website, Choudary viciously mocked their comrade who was killed by friendly fire in Iraq.


Choudary, who has links with banned Muslim cleric Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, likened the soldiers to Nazis and branded yesterday’s homecoming a ‘vile parade’ of ‘brutal murderers’.

Choudary said: ‘On 10th March 2009 200 pathetic and cowardly British soldiers from the second battalion, of the Royal Anglian Regiment, pompously marched through Luton to demonstrate their skill at murdering and torturing thousands of innocent Muslim men, women and children (in Iraq) over a 24-month period.’


One protester at yesterday’s rally, Sayful Islam, the leader of the Luton branch of an organisation that has the same beliefs as al-Muhajiroun, was unrepentant today.

He said: ‘The anger has been rising. The parade was the final insult. They have killed, maimed and raped thousands of innocent people. They can’t come here and parade where there is such a Muslim community.’


Last night the mother of David Hicks, a captain with the Royal Anglian Regiment who was killed in Afghanistan in August 2007, called the protests ‘extremely distressing’.

‘I felt very saddened and extremely upset,’ said Mrs Hicks, of Wokingham, Berkshire. ‘I also feel a little angry. I think every mother or father who has lost somebody in Afghanistan or Iraq would feel very difficult about this.

‘It’s very easy to tarnish all the Muslim community with the same brush, but I do wonder, if the roles were reversed, if such a protest would be allowed in a Muslim country.’

Se billeder fra demonstrationen her. Se også Skjoldungens indslag med video.

Nå men der skal jo bare lidt dialog til – så de stakkels briter ikke reagerer så uforskammet næste gang de muslimske overmennesker giver udtryk for deres berettigede harme. Britanistan tilhører jo alligevel snart dar-al-islam.

Holstebro og Luton – med en lille forskel.

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I den første video ser vi The Royal Anglian Regiment – “The Pouchers” – ved sin hjemkomstparade i Luton.

Der klappes, vinkes med “Union Jack” og der høres anerkendende tilråb. Herovre kan soldaterne endda gå i takt – men de har jo også musikledsagelse:

I den næste video ser vi en gruppe missing links kulturberigere benytte sig af den ytrings- og demonstrationsfrihed som deres værtsland tilbyder dem. De må beskyttes af politiet!


Se også.

27 februar 2009

Søren Gade rørt over klapsalver til soldater

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Indbyggerne i Holstebro begyndte spontant at klappe af 600 soldater på parade gennem byen.

Det var ikke sket for bare fem-seks år siden, mener forsvarsminister Søren Gade.

24 februar 2009

Hvem må gerne demonstrere i UK?


Hvem må ikke?

Og hvem betegnes som ekstremister og racister?

26 april 2008

Skt. Georgsparade aflyst – den kunne jo ophidse muslimerne

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A MARCH to celebrate St George’s Day has been axed – because the authorities fear it could spark race riots.

About 1,500 children were due to take part in a parade to commemorate the patron saint of England on Wednesday.

But council bosses in Bradford, West Yorks, have ditched the event over concerns it could upset the Asian community, many of them Muslim.

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