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7 november 2011

Organhøstere skærer organer ud af levende afrikanske flygtninge

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Human Rights Groups have produced evidence that bodies of African refugees have been found in the desert with organs missing.

Apparently, African refugees from Ethiopia and Sudan are having their organs stolen in the Sinai Desert by the same people who are taking the refugees across the border to Israel.

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21 november 2010

FN dækker over organ tyverier i Kosovo

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18 september 2009

Daniel Brostrøm – modtager af blodpenge fra palaraberne

Donald Bostrom, the “journalist” who wrote the infamous blood libel for Swedish magazine Aftonbladet claiming that Israel kills Palestinian Arabs for their organs, expanded his charges in a press conference in Algeria held by invitation of the National Federation of Algerian Journalists.

They awarded him with an “Excellence in Journalism” award; it does not appear to be in th “fiction” category.

Al Arabiya reports that Bostrom’s award included a payment of $5000.