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17 marts 2013

Den Store Klimasvindel

The world ISN’T getting warmer (as you may have noticed).

Now we reveal the official data that’s making scientists suddenly change their minds about climate doom. So will eco-funded MPs stop waging a green crusade with your money? Well… what do YOU think?

The Mail on Sunday today presents irrefutable evidence that official predictions of global climate warming have been catastrophically flawed.

The graph on this page blows apart the ‘scientific basis’ for Britain reshaping its entire economy and spending billions in taxes and subsidies in order to cut emissions of greenhouse gases. These moves have already added £100 a year to household energy bills.


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13 januar 2013

Fortsat total tavshed i medierne og hos de ‘ansvarlige’ energi-politikere


Mere på Daily Mail:

The Met Office issued a press release claiming it was misleading, before quietly admitting a few days later that it was true that the world had not got significantly warmer since 1997 after all.


But then last week, the rest of the media caught up with our report. On Tuesday, news finally broke of a revised Met Office ‘decadal forecast’, which not only acknowledges the pause, but predicts it will continue at least until 2017. It says world temperatures are likely to stay around 0.43 degrees above the long-term average – as by then they will have done for 20 years.

This is hugely significant. It amounts to an admission that earlier forecasts – which have dictated years of Government policy and will cost tens of billions of pounds – were wrong.

Jeg synes, man skal begynde at skrive til politikerne og medierne og spørge dem om, hvor længe man vil fortsætte med den uansvarlige smiden milliarder af kroner ud af vinduet, og hvem der skal stilles til ansvar for misbruget af skattekroner, når DE indser, at de har taget fejl. Og hvornår man i stedet begynder at forske i, hvordan vi overlever den næste istid.

6 december 2012

Den globale opvarmning

Storbritannien står over for den koldeste vinter i 100 år.


  • Temperatures to plummet to minus 3°C this week and could fall as low as 20°C in December
  • Fears that snow blizzards could close roads and shut down rail networks as winter takes hold
  • But torrential rain which has deluged country and swamped St Asaph in North Wales will finally ease

Daily Mail

5 marts 2010

Uforståelige DanMarx Radio (DDR)

Som læsere af Hodjas blog har vidst i ugevis, så er påstanden om, at Kilimanjaros snetop forsvinder på grund af klimaforandringer, skudt ned.

DDR må have et større lager af udsendelser, produceret af medarbejdere der har rejst i hundredetusindvis af kilometer kloden rundt (med deraf følgende CO2-udledning), for at berette om de såkaldte følger af de menneskeskabte klimaforandringer, som de skal have fyret af, før de overhovedet begynder at tage rigtigheden af ClimateGate i betragtning. For i aftes kom jeg uforvarende til at lukke op for et program, der blev kaldt ‘Panorama‘.

Der optrådte 2 personer, som tilsyneladende befandt sig ved foden af Kilimanjaro. De fortalte med bævrende stemmer om, hvor forfærdeligt det er at se på den forsvindende sne.

Til sidst kom det uforglemmelige guldkorn: “Hvis man vil se Kilimanjaros sne, skal man skynde sig at pakke kufferten.”

Eftersom DDR er modstander (ja bortset fra når DDR journalister og andre velmenere rejser kloden rundt) af flyrejser, så spørger man sig selv: Hvordan kommer vi derned? Til fods? På cykel? Og ville det da ikke være bedre med en rygsæk istedet for en kuffert?

9 december 2009

Besøg et varmere Canada

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Via Chicago Boyz

24 november 2009

Så kom varmisternes ultimative argument for at gøre noget ved ‘opvarmningen’.

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Slut på hvid jul.

Og nu vi taler om julen – her ser vi en rigtig julemand:

12 oktober 2009

Nu kan selv BBC se det – hvornår følger DDR og klima-Connie efter?

Hvad skete der med den globale opvarmning?

This headline may come as a bit of a surprise, so too might that fact that the warmest year recorded globally was not in 2008 or 2007, but in 1998.

But it is true. For the last 11 years we have not observed any increase in global temperatures.

And our climate models did not forecast it, even though man-made carbon dioxide, the gas thought to be responsible for warming our planet, has continued to rise.

So what on Earth is going on?

Ja det kommer jo ikke som nogen overraskelse for læsere af Hodjas blog, men der er jo alligevel nogen, der ved det, for der er jo ikke mange, der taler om opvarmning længere – bemærk at det stille og roligt er blevet til ‘klima’ istedet.

22 september 2009

Thermageddon aflyst: Afkøling i sigte for de næste 10-20 eller flere år

En af FN’s største klimaeksperter (IPCC) indrømmer, at opvarmningen af Jorden gik i stå for 10 år siden, og at der ikke vil være nogen i mindst 10-20 år.

So why was a speech last week by Prof. Mojib Latif of Germany’s Leibniz Institute not given more prominence?

Latif is one of the leading climate modellers in the world. He is the recipient of several international climate-study prizes and a lead author for the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He has contributed significantly to the IPCC’s last two five-year reports that have stated unequivocally that man-made greenhouse emissions are causing the planet to warm dangerously.

Yet last week in Geneva, at the UN’s World Climate Conference — an annual gathering of the so-called “scientific consensus” on man-made climate change — Latif conceded the Earth has not warmed for nearly a decade and that we are likely entering “one or even two decades during which temperatures cool.”

The Greenie message is entirely emotional and devoid of all logic. They say that polar ice will melt and cause a big sea-level rise. Yet 91% of the world’s glacial ice is in Antarctica, where the average temperature is around minus 40 degrees Celsius. The melting point of ice is zero degrees. So for the ice to melt on any scale the Antarctic temperature would need to rise by around 40 degrees, which NOBODY is predicting. The median Greenie prediction is about 4 degrees. So where is the huge sea level rise going to come from? Mars? And the North polar area is mostly sea ice and melting sea ice does not raise the sea level at all. Yet Warmists constantly hail any sign of Arctic melting. That the melting of floating ice does not raise the water level is known as Archimedes’ principle. Archimedes demonstrated it around 2,500 years ago. That Warmists have not yet caught up with that must be just about the most inspissated ignorance imaginable.

15 marts 2009

Klima skeptikerne vinder terræn – men ingen vil indrømme det

The skeptics are winning against the global warming mythogogues.

The polls show a drop in public faith in the global warming meme. Last week a stellar skeptics’ conference was held in New York City and the New York Times actually covered it – in its usual bitchy fashion, but they decided to cover it anyway. There are many excellent talks at this website, notably by Viscount Monckton, Margaret Thatcher’s former adviser, who provides a truly elegant and devastating deconstruction of the infamous IPCC “consensus statement” – done for the bureaucrats, by the bureaucrats, and of the bureaucrats. Any real scientific analysis and debate was left out of the IPCC statement, and Lord Monckton simply shoots it out of the water with a satisfying bang. Others like Fred Singer and Richard Lindzen were there as well, and you can listen to their presentations online. They are heroes.

But that’s not why I think the skeptics are winning. The rational skeptics are winning because the global warming crowd has simply dropped the two words “global warming” from its vocabulary. No more official global warming! This is like the old Soviet Communist Party. You have to analyze not just what’s said but what’s not said. You have to look to see who has been airbrushed out of the pictures of the Politburo waving on top of Lenin’s tomb watching the May Day parade. And “global warming” has disappeared from respectable scientific discourse. Only the elementary school teachers of the world will keep teaching about global warming, because their lesson plans are already written, and they’re a little slow on the uptake. Somehow it’s all morphed into climate change.

What’s “climate change?” It’s a scientific surrender by the Algore-James-Hansen Planetary Fear Brigade. No more global warming, folks. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.

Læs det hele på Greenie Watch

Jeg så denne her i kommentarerne på Uriasposten (skrevet af Ulrik #20) og huggede den:

Steffen Kretz var, som “klima korrespondet” i Grønland, her hvor jeg bor. En af mine venner er fisker og fanger og Steffen Kretz opsøgte ham og forklarede ham at han i et interview gerne ville have ham til at sige: “Man kan ikke længere skyde sæler på isen pga klimaforandringer”, min ven svarede at det ville han ikke, for det ville være en løgn, godtnok forandrer naturen sig, måske menneskeskabt, måske ikke, men sæler kan man altså stadig skyde på isen. Steffen Kretz sagde så: “Men kan du så henvise mig til en fanger der vil sige det?”.
Hvad driver mon sådan en journalist!?

27 april 2008

Tør politikerne og medierne indrømme, at de har taget fejl?

THE scariest photo I have seen on the internet is http://www.spaceweather.com/, where you will find a real-time image of the sun from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, located in deep space at the equilibrium point between solar and terrestrial gravity.

What is scary about the picture is that there is only one tiny sunspot.

Disconcerting as it may be to true believers in global warming, the average temperature on Earth has remained steady or slowly declined during the past decade, despite the continued increase in the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, and now the global temperature is falling precipitously.

All four agencies that track Earth’s temperature (the Hadley Climate Research Unit in Britain, the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, the Christy group at the University of Alabama, and Remote Sensing Systems Inc in California) report that it cooled by about 0.7C in 2007. This is the fastest temperature change in the instrumental record and it puts us back where we were in 1930. If the temperature does not soon recover, we will have to conclude that global warming is over.

There is also plenty of anecdotal evidence that 2007 was exceptionally cold. It snowed in Baghdad for the first time in centuries, the winter in China was simply terrible and the extent of Antarctic sea ice in the austral winter was the greatest on record since James Cook discovered the place in 1770.

Læs mere på The Australian

Ingen solpletter idag – det er fanme uhyggeligt du!

28 januar 2008

Det er slut med den globale opvarmning inden for nogle årtier, varsler russiske klimaforskere.

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Intet kan stoppe istiden

“Der kommer en nedfrysning, uanset om alle verdens lande sætter en stopper for udledning af drivhusgasser eller ej,” siger han ifølge det statslige, russiske nyhedsbureau RIA Novosti.

Mere på Jyllands-Posten

Klimaforskere er forunderlige. Meterologerne kan ikke forudsige vejret i næste uge – men alligevel skal vi høre i det uendelige om vejret i det næste århundrede. Nu er vi tilbage i min ungdom i 1970’erne, hvor det store dyr i åbenbaringen netop var den (snart) kommende istid. Så man kan sige, at ringen er sluttet. Opvarmning – istid – opvarmning – istid. Hvad er sandt, og hvad er falsk?

Men hvis russeren har ret – så vil det da være tåbeligt, at prøve på at reducere varmeudviklingen – hvis vi overhovedet har nogensomhelst indflydelse på klimaet.

Og: Hvordan forbereder vi os på subtropisk og arktisk klima – på en gang???

15 januar 2008

Dansk forskning kan vende op og ned på klimadebatten

Onsdag 16. januar viser TV 2 progammet “Klima-mysteriet” om den nyeste danske forskning på klimaområdet.

Ifølge den danske forsker Henrik Svensmark og hans kolleger på Danmarks Rumcenter skal årsagen til den globale opvarmning findes langt uden for menneskets rækkevidde.

Mere på TV2