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15 oktober 2015

Oil prices and the Syrian civil war

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Most watch in disbelief as hordes of Middle Eastern migrants enter Europe with little to no resistance from border control.

Whereas refugees are normally women and children, these migrants are for the most part young males of fighting age leaving a war zone. That prompts concerns on their true motives.

Europe is divided regarding its course of action against this flood of migrant resulting in inaction; meanwhile the flow intensifies: at the beginning of October 2015 the flow has increased to over 10,000 new migrants daily in Germany. Today we will explain how an armed conflict over a gas pipeline triggered this mass migration and considering the geopolitical consequences, forecast where oil prices will go from here.

En lang men interessant artikel – resten er her. Hvis den er for lang – så læs det sidste afsnit.

25 august 2015

Israel ‘very interested’ in strengthening relations with Kurds

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Several tankers that have carried Iraqi-Kurdish crude from Turkey’s Mediterranean port of Ceyhan have unloaded at Israeli ports, according to ship-tracking data and industry sources.

Bengio pointed out that the Kurdish religious affairs ministry recently made an unusual move by including a Jewish representative in its work, adding that the timing was interesting.

Asked about the Kurds’ views on the Obama administration, Bengio said they favored Republicans, believing the party would help them. She added that they also considered the recent nuclear agreement with Iran to be dangerous.

Ari Aram, editor of the Ekurd.net website, told the Post on Monday that the Kurds were happy to sell their oil because Baghdad had placed restrictions on their oil sales, and few wanted to buy the product.

Baghdad is also cutting the funding it sends to the Kurdish region, Aram said, even as its militia is battling Islamic State.

Mere på Jerusalem Post

Mass uprising is shaking up Iraq.

23 august 2015

Israel og den autonome irakiske delstat Kurdistan (KRG) arbejder sammen

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Israeli refineries and oil companies imported more than 19m barrels of Kurdish oil

Israel turns to Kurds for threequarters of its oil supplies between the beginning of May and August 11, according to shipping data, trading sources and satellite tanker tracking. This would be worth almost $1bn based on international prices over the period.
That is the equivalent of about 77 per cent of average Israeli demand, which runs at roughly 240,000 barrels per day. More than a third of all of the northern Iraqi exports, which are shipped from Turkey’s Mediterranean port of Ceyhan, went to Israel over the period.

Fra Financial Times 23. august 2015 (betaling)

Hvad mon Einheilslisten siger til det? De støtter kurderne og hader Israel 🙂

22 maj 2015

Anti-fracking (skifer-gas/olie) bevægelsen betalt af Putins Rusland?

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På samme måde som de såkaldte ‘Fredsbevægelser’ under den Kolde krig var betalt af Sovjetunionen, tyder meget på at Putin har en stor finger med i spillet om skifer-gas/olie udvinding:

Fracking has transformed the United States into the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the world, nearly doubling U.S. crude production since 2008. Other nations, such as Poland, have sought to replicate this success, and if fracking were to spread to European nations such as Bulgaria, France, Germany, and Ukraine, Russia would see its largest markets for natural gas exports disappear.

As noted by the Spectator (UK), “RT is an enthusiastic reporter of almost any protest against fracking anywhere, reflecting the interest of the Russian state and Gazprom in discouraging competition and keeping energy prices high.”

Another feature of RT’s coverage of the hydraulic fracturing debate has been to sensationalize the potential environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing in the United States. The network is far less critical of the fracking operations in Siberia; in fact, RT hailed fracking in the region as a “Shale Revolution,” and “an important element of our growth strategy.”

The journal Foreign Policy reports Anders Fogh Rasmussen, then-Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), stated, “I have met allies who can report that Russia, as part of their sophisticated information and disinformation operations, engage actively with so-called non-government organizations—environmental organizations working against shale gas—obviously to maintain European dependence on imported Russian gas.”

Additionally, the magazine reports, “Researchers working on the ground in Central and Eastern Europe say there is plenty of anecdotal evidence, if no smoking guns, of Russian financial support for some environmental groups that have recently mobilized opposition to shale gas development.”

Putin may be a showoff, but he’s no dummy. He realizes most of his geopolitical power comes from his almost-exclusive ability to export energy to European markets.

Mere på The American Spectator

25 februar 2015

Keystone XL veto: Obama “literally intervened to support an American enemy”

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9 september 2014

Socialismen sejrer i Venezuela …

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Landet med de kæmpemæssige oliereserver er begyndt at importere olie !

Godt nok en let algerisk olie at blande med den meget tunge lokale olie, men det er ikke sket før.

Venezuela får 95 af sine indtægter fra olien.

Det er ret imponerende, hvad socialistiske førere som Hugo Chávez og den nuværende Nicolas Maduro kan “opnå” i løbet af meget kort tid.

“In 1999, when Chávez took office, PDVSA had 51,000 employees and produced 63 barrels of crude a day per employee. Fifteen years later, PDVSA had 140,000 employees, and produced 20 barrels of crude a day per employee, according to an Aug. 14 report by the France Press news agency.

Venezuela’s net oil exports have plummeted from 3.1 million barrels a day in 1997 to 1.7 million barrels a day in 2013, according to U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates.”

(PDVSA er et statslige olie selskab)

Jeg går ud fra at Venezuela satser på at “overhale” NorKorea :


Læs hele artikelen her

4 september 2014

Har du lagt mærke til at din benzin ikke er så dyr som for 2-4 år siden ?

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Her er årsagen:

US oil production

Den amerikanske produktion af olie ( specielt skifer olie) stiger hurtigere end nogensinde før ( i alt fald siden år 1920).

Det presser selvfølgelig prisen og giver problemer for de arabiske lande ( og Venezuela), som ikke tjener så meget som før 🙂

Måske er det i virkeligheden derfor at Obama ikke er glad for den nye metode til at hente olie op af undergrunden, selv om han påstår det er af miljø-hensyn.

Taget herfra

6 juni 2013

Vestens blod for Kinas olie

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Since the American-led invasion of 2003, Iraq has become one of the world’s top oil producers, and China is now its biggest customer, an American report said.

“China already buys nearly half the oil that Iraq produces, nearly 1.5 million barrels a day, and is angling for an even bigger share, bidding for a stake now owned by Exxon Mobil in one of Iraq’s largest oil fields,” according to a report published by New York Times Newspaper briefed by “Shafaq News”.

“The Chinese are the biggest beneficiary of this post-Saddam oil boom in Iraq,” said Denise Natali, a Middle East expert at the National Defense University in Washington. “They need energy, and they want to get into the market”.

Mere på zawya.


19 maj 2013

FrackNation – en film du aldrig får at se på DanMarx Radios kanaler

DDR har allerede kørt kampagne imod hydraulisk fracking i flere år, så denne her viser de aldrig.

For nogle måneder siden hørte jeg en udsendelse på DDR P1 om fracking, det var påfaldende så dybt og kritisk journalisterne gik ind i forskning og teknologi bag udvindingsmetoden, samme ihærdighed har jeg ALDRIG NOGENSINDE hørt DDR journalister udvise med hensyn til den såkaldte globale opvarmning. Nå nej – der er forskningen jo også endegyldigt afklaret.

6 september 2012

Saudiarabien kan blive nettoimportør af olie allerede i 2022 !

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Allerede i 2030 vil Saudiarabien have et forbrug større end sin egen olieproduktion

Det mener Heidy Rehman fra CitiGroup.

Problemet er et kraftigt voksende internt forbrug, ført og fremmest til air-condition og vand-distillation

Olien kan være slut i 2030, men allerede i 2022 vil der være et breakeven mellem internt forbrug og produktion.

Læs mere om det her , hvorfra jeg har taget billederne.

Eller fra kilden her.

Jeg glæder mig til at få erstattet den arabiske olie med skifferolie fra USA, Canada og Israel.

24 juli 2012

Meget interessant artikel om USA,Kina og Israel som kommende oliemagter

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De arabiske olie reserver er for nedadgående, mens nye kommer til

Her på monokultur kan du læse artiklen

Hvor jeg dog glæder mig til at araberne ikke har mere olie 🙂

1 juni 2012

Mellemøstens betydning for Verdens energiforsyning vil mindskes

The continuing discovery of unconventional oil and gas, particularly in North America, are reshaping the economies and politics of the global energy industry.

The United States alone now has enough gas to last 100 years.

Major new strikes in East Africa and the potential for hefty production increases in China, now a key energy importer, have taken the shine off Iraq’s potential.

“The geopolitical centrality of the Middle East will wane,” the Financial Times observed.

“That is because the power and the relevance of its oil producers have peaked and are heading down,” wrote Roger Altman, former U.S. deputy secretary of the Treasury.

24 marts 2012

Israels oliereserver lige så store som Saudiarabiens ?

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Israel er sammen med samarbejdspartneren Genie Energy ved at udvikle teknologi til at blive en oliestormagt

Der er dog et “lille” aberdabai : man skal først til at udvikle den nødvendige teknologi.
Men det skulle være ret sandsynligt.
Læs mere om det her

Og det gode ved det er at USA har 8 gange stå store reserver, når teknologien bliver udviklet.

Kunne det ikke være skæbnens ironi, hvis de arabiske lande bliver nødt til at købe olie fra Israel (og USA), når de arabiske oliekilder er brugt op om 40-60 år 🙂 🙂

29 december 2011

Uran truer med at lukke Hormuz Strædet

26 september 2011

Canadas venstrefløj vil hellere have Saudibarbarisk olie end canadisk

25 maj 2011

Adolfedinnerjacket indrømmer Vestens teknologi er islams langt overlegen

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Snart sejler tankskibene vand mod syd, og olie mod nord. Og snart kan vi sælge araberne vores vand til samme pris som de sælger deres olie til os.

Tip: N.S.

23 marts 2011

Blod for olie

Hvor bliver venstrefløjens paroler af?

14 december 2010

USA kunne blive Verdens største producent og eksportør af energi

Men hvorfor sker det ikke?

It is all there for the taking. But Democrats threaten to plug all those holes warming our homes and saving us money. Meanwhile, oil prices are going through the roof — helped along by the Obama administration’s efforts to stop oil drilling off-shore, take land out of commission for exploring, and impose new rules and regulations.


Who would benefit from stopping this energy revolution in its tracks? George Soros, environmentalists, green schemers that need government help (subsidies, investments, mandates) to make their ventures fly — and who reward Democrats with donations, Russia, Hugo Chavez, Arab oil powers, terrorists, and other assorted international bad actors. The Russian government recently expressed concern regarding their international power because America was developing our shale gas resources.

17 september 2010

Lækket tysk militærrapport: Magtbalancen rykker, når olien slipper op

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Verdens samlede olieproduktion topper allerede i år, skriver den tyske militære tænketank i en lækket rapport, der giver et dystert billede af de økonomiske og sikkerhedspolitiske konsekvenser.

24 juni 2010

Først var vi afhængige af arabisk olie

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Nu vil vore geniale ‘ledere’ gøre os afhængige af russisk gas.

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