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8 november 2010

Nogle amerikanske dommere er ligeså fædrelandsfjendtlige som visse danske

A temporary restraining order has been issued to block a state constitutional amendment that prohibits state courts from considering international or Islamic law when deciding cases.

U.S. District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange handed down the ruling Monday morning in Oklahoma City following a brief hearing.

The order will remain in effect until a Nov. 22 hearing on a requested preliminary injunction. It prevents the state election board from certifying the results of Tuesday’s general election in which the amendment was approved by 70 percent of the voters.

På samme måde, som en dommer forhindrer Arizona i at håndhæve immigrationslovene, forhindrer denne dommer iværksættelsen af en ændring, som 70% af Oklahomas vælgere stemte for ved Midtvejsvalget. Begge dommere er kvinder og indsat af Demokraterne.

7 november 2010

Muslim retsforfølger Oklahoma der netop har stemt imod shariah

State Question 755, which passed Tuesday with 70% of the vote, declares “the legal precepts of other nations or cultures” off-limits to Oklahoma courts. “Specifically, the courts shall not consider international law or Sharia Law,” it reads.

3 november 2010

Oh, what a beautiful mornin’

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Oklahoma vedtager forbud mod at lade sharia få indflydelse

Hindustan Times: “The central US state of Oklahoma is to become the first state in the US to ban Islamic sharia law. That’s the result of a voter initiative in the state that passed by a heavy majority in the midterm election on Tuesday night. State Question 755 amends the Oklahoma constitution to forbid courts in Oklahoma from considering sharia law or international law in reaching their decisions. – With more than 60% of precincts counted, more than 70% of voters had approved the measure, according to the Secretary of State’s website. – The measure was proposed by Republican State Representative Rex Duncan, who said he was inspired to propose the constitutional amendment even though there have been no cases in Oklahoma in which judges had relied on international or sharia law. “I would describe this as a pre-emptive strike,” he said. “We don’t want to let it get a toe-hold.” Local Muslims said it was an example of anti-Muslim bigotry. “There’s no threat of sharia law coming to Oklahoma and America, period,” Saad Mohammed of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City said. “It’s just a scare tactic.”

Republican Rex Duncan, the sponsor of the measure, called it a “pre-emptive strike” designed to close the door on activist judges “legislating from the bench or using international law or Sharia law.”

24 oktober 2010

Tillægsafstemning i Oklahoma ved midtvejsvalget i november

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27 marts 2010

Oklahoma ulovliggør anvendelse af shariah

The proposed amendment would prohibit all Oklahoma courts from considering the legal precepts of other nations or cultures, even in cases of first impression.

“Unfortunately, some judges in other states and on the federal bench have begun to cite international law in their court decisions, effectively undermining our own democratic system of government,” said Duncan, a Sand Springs Republican and attorney who chairs the House Judiciary Committee.