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5 juni 2016

München: Venstrefascister støttes med skatteborgernes penge

Die Stadt München (der Stadtrat) unterstützt u.A.:

Das Kaffee Marat (vom Verfassungsschutz beobachtet) bekommt 40.000 Euro pro Jahr. München ist bunt ca. 200.000 ? Linksextreme Gruppen werden mit Millionen unterstützt ? Eine Welt Haus bekam Millionen. Hass auf Schweine (Polizisten) München ist bunt (Micky Wenngatz): Vermummte im Kampf gegen die Polizei: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U_4k… Angriff auf die Polizei: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMX6H… Stadtrat und Christian Ude zum Thema Geld für die Antifa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?

9 november 2015

München mindes Krystalnatten ved at lade anti-semitter anvende offentlige mødelokaler

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Munich marks this Kristallnacht by making room for boycotters of the Jewish State.


The worldwide Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement is the twenty-first century’s highest profile anti-Israel global campaign that meets the “three D” ( Double standard, Deligitimization, and Demonization) litmus test for crossing the line between legitimate criticism of the Jewish state and toxic anti-Semitism: Never designed to help a single Palestinian, BDS singles out Israel exclusively for criticism, ignoring the major human rights abusers around the world, while distorting the Jewish state’s actions to defend herself from terrorist attacks by means of false and malicious comparisons with Nazi Germany and South Africa’s Apartheid regime.

So it is almost beyond belief that the city government of Munich is allowing a BDS event to be held in the Gasteig Building, a tax-payer funded city building, as part of Munich’s “cultural program.” German Jews are especially appalled by the effrontery that such an event would be scheduled on November 9, the same day that Kristallnacht commemorations are being held to remember country-wide November, 1938 Nazi pogroms that burned German synagogues, attacked and sent thousands of Jews to concentration camps.

Charlotte Knobloch, is a Holocaust survivor who heads the 9,500-members of the Jewish community of Munich, the city where the Nazi movement was originally organized.

Knobloch has warned that: “The BDS campaign disguises the socially unacceptable ’Don’t buy from Jews!’ as a modernized form of Nazi jargon by demanding ‘Don’t buy from the Jewish State’.”

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17 september 2015

Muslimsk underskriftindsamling for at afskaffe Münchens Oktoberfest

Moslem-Petition will Oktoberfest verbieten


For meget alkohol, svinekød, afklædthed og almen morskab for muslimer.

Det officielle Tyskland siger: Mere end halvdelen af alle tyskere vil have flere flygtninge. Prøv at stemme her, og se om det passer.

28 oktober 2013

München: Leder for Die Freiheit overfaldet af muslim

På hans T-shirt står: “Ingen moske i Stachus” – Stachus ligger i centrum af München.

27 januar 2012

Islamisering af München

2 december 2010

Den knogleknusende freds-imam fra München

Abu Adam is the imam of the Dar’ul Quran mosque in Munich.

His actual name is Hesham Shashaa. He has 3 wives and 10 kids. He is known to preach peace and is therefore the darling of the interfaith brigades. Just 10 days ago he was preaching Islamic tolerance and talked about a non-violent Islam, opposed to domestic violence at the university Munich. One of his wives paid dearly for this ‘non-violent’ Islam …..

Læs mere om hvordan den fredselskende imam brækkede knoglerne på sin 3. hustru.

3 koner og 10 børn – hvem mon betaler for dem?

30 september 2009

Oktoberfest i München

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Er ikke som i de gode gamle dage længere.