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8 april 2009

Imam skriver pædofeten Muhammeds hemmelige historie

Being a former Imam of a mosque, Zaki Ameen understands the Arabic mentality and the suffering of Muslims as individuals and as a society.

muhammed Living by the Point of My Spear is the first time ever that an Arab has spoken out with such honesty and clarity on the secret truth of Muhammad.

Different sections of the book investigate the secret of Islam’s longevity, how Muhammad frequently rewrote the Quran using a method called Abrogation and how the Quran has been rewritten since the time of Muhammad.  It also explores how Mohammad received his ‘prophecies’, questioning the nature of Jibreel, the inspiring angel, whom he claimed inspired many of his propheciessome of which he would then rewrite or remove completely the next day on some new guidance.

The book looks in detail at the prophet Muhammad’s relationship with Abu Sufyan and at how Muhammad viewed and treated women, slaves and other nations, including the Turks.  It shows how he perpetuated the image of his own holiness, creating laws for sentencing those who disagreed with him to death and imposing different taxes on the nation’s he conquered, depending on their loyalty.

The book focuses particularly on two sections of the Quran: the Tawba chapters and how the so called Satanic Verses were explained away.

If you wish to discover the true biography of Muhammad and the true history of the Muslim nations, then Living by the Point of my Spear is the book for you.

9 december 2007

Bei Mo

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Er han blevet træt af profetlivet?


Cafegæsterne på KuDamm er sikkert også fredeligere end tilhængerne.