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29 november 2009

En venstrefløjser kommer ud af sin cognitive dissonans – med indsigt

The Wilding of Sarah Palin By Robin of Berkeley.

What finally woke me up were the utterances of “bitch,” “witch,” and “monster” toward Hillary Clinton and her supporters early last year. I was shocked into reality: the trash-talk wasn’t coming from conservatives, but from male and female liberals.

I finally beheld what my eyes had refused to see: that leftists are Mr. and Ms. Misogyny. Neither the males nor the females care a whit about women.

Women are continually sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. If under radical Islam women are enshrouded and stoned and beheaded, so be it.

My other epiphanies: those ponytailed guys were marching for abortion rights not because they cherished women’s reproductive freedom, but to keep women available for free and easy sex.

And the eagerness for women to make good money? If women work hard, leftist men don’t have to.

Hele artiklen er absolut læseværdig.

Se også: The Persecution of Sarah Palin: How the Elite Media Tried to Bring Down a Rising Star.

15 december 2008

Fauxtografi en akademisk analyse

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Nikki Usher is a doctoral student at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication whose focus is on journalism studies and new media.

 Usher gennemgår Little Green Footballs afdækning af MSM’s manipulation af billeder under konflikten i sommeren 2006.

During the Israel–Hezbollah War of 2006, bloggers caught Reuters publishing doctored images from Lebanon. Known by bloggers as Fauxtography, the scandal provides an important site to analyze the ability of blogs to challenge mainstream media. One blog in particular was almost single–handedly responsible for unearthing and for publicizing the scandal — Little Green Footballs. This paper uses the scandal as a case study to assess how Little Green Footballs was able to mount a challenge to mainstream media. Despite theorizing to the contrary about the collective promise of networked publics, Fauxtography reveals that one of the biggest challenges of late to mainstream media came from the activities of a single blogger.

Hele undersøgelsen findes på First Monday.

Tip: GG

26 november 2008

Memri TV i MSM

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Om fatwaen mod Mickey Mouse

28 januar 2008

‘Fuck muhammed’

Eller bed muhammed go ‘suck it’.

Nå nej – det er kun alle andre guder eller profeter, det er tilladt at genere i MSM uden at risikere noget.

ESPN anchorwoman tells audience: ‘F— Jesus’

ESPN, ABC Refuse to Take Any Action

ESPN and its parent company, ABC, have refused to take any action against ESPN anchorwoman Dana Jacobson for her hateful, slurring remarks against Jesus, saying “F– — Jesus.”On January 11, Jacobson was speaking at a celebrity roast in Atlantic City, N.J., when she unleashed a profane tirade, saying, “F— Notre Dame,” “F— Touchdown Jesus” and finally “F— Jesus.”“Touchdown Jesus” is the popular moniker for a statue of Jesus raising his arms, located on the Notre Dame campus.Catholic League president Bill Donohue spoke with ESPN about the attack and received an e-mail from Jacobson which basically treated the incident as a non-event. The statement said, in part, “I respect all religions and did not mean anything derogatory by my poorly chosen words.”Jacobson’s comments were at a public event where she was representing ESPN.The fact that neither ESPN nor ABC has taken any action against Jacobson indicates they have a bias against Christians. Donohue said that Jacobson should be fired.This anti-Christian bias of the networks is becoming commonplace. Actress Kathy Griffin used her appearance on the Emmy Awards program to tell Jesus to “suck it,” responding to athletes who thank Jesus when they achieve certain levels. No action was taken against Griffin.

Patetiske kendisser. Der er jo ikke en eneste af dem, der TØR udtale sig på samme måde om muhammed og islam. Totalt gratis point.
Go f…. yourselves!!!

22 januar 2008

De ubesvarede spørgsmål hober sig op i Blekingegadesagen.

Blandt de ubesvarede spørgsmål er blandt andet, hvorfor banden ikke blev tiltalt efter terrorparagraffen, selvom de havde dokumenteret forbindelse til det palæstinensiske PFLP.

Desuden har det vakt undren, at der aldrig blev rejst tiltale mod lægen Kari Havsland Jørgensen. Justitsministeriet er desuden blevet beskyldt for at forhindre opklaringen af det såkaldte Lyngbyrøveri, som kunne have afsløret banden noget tidligere.

Mere på Avisen

Er der nogen, der tror på, at den kommer ud af stedet? DR med flere er stadig totalt tavse. Hvor længe kan de  trække den?

En morsom detalje: En palæstinensisk terrororganisation. Og Praktiserende lægers Organisation.

15 januar 2008

Arabernes ‘ret til at vende tilbage’ til Israel

American Thinker tager fat i myten om ‘palæstinensernes fordrivelse’ fra Israel og skriver blandt andet:

 Many Arab leaders as well as ordinary Palestinian Arabs have confirmed the role of the Palestinian Arab leadership and the governments of the Arab states in causing the mass evacuation of much of the Arab population from what is now Israel.  A prime example is none other than the present head of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen). Abbas wrote in March 1976 that

“The Arab armies entered Palestine to protect the Palestinians from the Zionist tyranny, but instead they abandoned them, forced them to emigrate and to leave their homeland, imposed upon them a political and ideological blockade and threw them into prisons similar to the ghettos in which the Jews used to live in Eastern Europe.”

Another well-informed Arab politician, Khaled al-Azm, a former Syrian Prime Minister, states in his memoirs published in 1973 that

“Since 1948, it is we who have demanded the return of the refugees, while it is we who made them leave. We brought disaster upon a million Arab refugees by inviting them and bringing pressure on them to leave. We have accustomed them to begging…we have participated in lowering their morale and social level…Then we exploited them in executing crimes of murder, arson and throwing stones upon men, women and children…all this in the service of political purposes…”

And Mahmud Al-Habbash, a columnist for the official PA paper, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, has confirmed that the Arabs left Israel in 1948 only after Arab leaders persuaded them to do so by promising them a speedy return to their homes in Palestine; as Habbash puts it, 
“the leaders and the elites promised us at the beginning of the ‘Catastrophe’ [the establishment of Israel and the creation of refugee problem] in 1948, that the duration of  the exile will not be long, and that it will not last more than a few days or months, and afterwards the refugees will return to their homes, which most of them did not leave only until they put their trust in those ‘Arkuvian’ promises made by the leaders and the political elites. Afterwards, days passed, months, years and decades, and the promises were lost with the strain of the succession of events…” [Term “Arkuvian,” is after Arkuv – a figure from Arab tradition – who was known for breaking his promises and for his lies. Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, December 13, 2006].
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