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1 juli 2010

Kinnock familien kan bare det der med penge

Neil and Glenys Kinnock received more than £10million in pay, allowances and pension entitlements during their time working at the European Union in Brussels.

The astonishing figure can be revealed after a Mail on Sunday (juni 2009)  investigation into the couple’s lavish lifestyle funded from the public purse. Lady Kinnock, who was appointed Europe Minister by Gordon Brown this month, was an MEP for 15 years. Her husband, who failed to win a General Election as Labour leader, was an EU Commissioner for ten years until 2004.

  • A total of £775,000 in wages for Lady Kinnock and £1.85 million for her husband, adding up to £2,625,000.
  • Allowances for Lady Kinnock’s staff and office costs of £2.9million.
  • A £64,564 ‘entertainment allowance’ for Lord Kinnock.
  • A total of five publicly-funded pensions, worth £4.4million, allowing them to retire on £183,000 a year.
  • A housing allowance that allowed them both to claim accommodation costs although, as a married couple, they lived in the same house in the Belgian capital between 1995 and 2004.


Other members of the Kinnock family have also benefited from the Brussels gravy train. Son Stephen’s first job after Cambridge University was as a research assistant to an MEP. His Danish wife Helle – tipped as a future prime minister of Denmark – sat as an MEP from 1999 to 2004, while the Kinnocks’ daughter Rachel was her mother’s research assistant at the European Parliament. Rachel now works for Gordon Brown in the political unit at No10, paid by the Labour Party.

Mere på Daily Mail, hvor det beskrives, at Kinnock familien har udnyttet EU-reglerne for bl.a. rejser, pensioner og diæter til det yderste. Udover pengene ejer Kinnock familien boliger for over 10 millioner kroner. Det er ganske indbringende at være toppolitiker for et arbejderparti. Ægterparret Kinnock har to børn, Stephen og Rachel. I teorien er HTS’ mand (og HTS) altså arving til halvdelen af, hvad der bliver tilbage af ovenstående.

Briterne kalder Kinnock familien ‘champagne-socialister’ – Kinnockerne drikker champagnen – folket får socialismen.

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