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8 januar 2009

CIA: Storbritannien er en islamistisk sump

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The CIA is quite active in Britain with four out of every 10 ongoing operations conducted to prevent attacks in the U.S. and the UK.

Reportedly, along with MI5, the CIA is monitoring 4,000 terrorism suspects.

10 marts 2008

Muldvarpe i Scotland Yard

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A NEST of Al-Qaeda terror spies has been uncovered in Britain’s top police force.

MI5 agents have identified FOUR London Met officers after searching for a cell of fanatics passing Scotland Yard’s secrets.

The spooks homed in on the officers in the past few weeks after working with anti-terror police to uncover “sleeper” agents in London’s Met.

The News of the World has obtained the names of two of the men pinpointed during a painstaking Spooks-style undercover operation.

All four are Asians living in the capital and are feared to have links both with Islamic extremists in Britain and worldwide terror groups—including al-Qaeda training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Hvorfor er vi ikke overraskede? Hvorfor er Blekingegadesagen ikke opklaret?

Sherlock Holmes ……hvor er du??

Hvornår ser vi det tema belyst på en af de britiske kriminalserier, der kører bevidstløst på dansk TV aften efter aften???

25 juli 2006

Lækkede MI5 dokumenter angiver antallet af (ikke-højre-radikale) terrorister i UK

Leaked No 10 dossier reveals Al-Qaeda’s British recruits

AL-QAEDA is secretly recruiting affluent, middle-class Muslims in British universities and colleges to carry out terrorist attacks in this country, leaked Whitehall documents reveal.

A network of “extremist recruiters” is circulating on campuses targeting people with “technical and professional qualifications”, particularly engineering and IT degrees.

Lord Stevens, the former Metropolitan police chief, revealed separately last night that up to 3,000 British-born or British-based people had passed through Osama Bin Laden’s training camps.

The Whitehall dossier, ordered by Tony Blair following last year’s train bombings in Madrid, says: “Extremists are known to target schools and colleges where young people may be very inquisitive but less challenging and more susceptible to extremist reasoning/ arguments.”

The confidential assessment, covering more than 100 pages of letters, papers and other documents, forms the basis of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy, codenamed Operation Contest.

It paints a chilling picture of the scale of the task in tackling terrorism. Drawing on information from MI5, it concludes:

“Intelligence indicates that the number of British Muslims actively engaged in terrorist activity, whether at home or abroad or supporting such activity, is extremely small and estimated at less than 1%.”

This equates to fewer than 16,000 potential terrorists and supporters out of a Muslim population of almost 1.6m.”

The dossier also estimates that 10,000 have attended extremist conferences. The security services believe that the number who are prepared to commit terrorist attacks may run into hundreds.

Most of the Al-Qaeda recruits tend to be loners “attracted to university clubs based on ethnicity or religion” because of “disillusionment with their current existence”. British-based terrorists are made up of different ethnic groups, according to the documents.

Fra TimesOnline

Til PET: Hvad er de danske tal? 1% af det officielle tal på 210.000 muslimer i Danmark er 2.100 potentielle terrorister og supportere her i landet. Hvad foregår der på de danske læreanstalter? Hvor mange danskere har været i Al-Qaedas træningslejre? Hvad foretog de 1000-vis af ‘danskere’ sig i deres ‘ferie’ i f.ex. Sydlibanon sig?  Og hvor mange højreradikale regner I med, der er i DK?