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16 august 2011

Unge der keder sig går i selvbetjeningsbutikken – politiet er ikke interesseret

Police Let Flash Mob Loot 7-11

A 7-11 in Montgomery County, Maryland was hit by a flash mob on August 13, 2011. The clerk activated a silent alarm, but police waited until the mob left the store before responding. Further, according to the video, the officer refused to investigate the crime, and only viewed this incident as shoplifting.

Det som speakeren ville have sagt, men som er forbudt at sige, var:

“As many as three dozen people, all of them black youths, sometimes referred to as African-American youths, ROBBED a 7-11 in Germantown last night. The local police declined to keep the surveillance tape, fearing being called ‘racists’ if they investigated the CRIME.”