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11 december 2012

Svensk “kunstner” maler billede med aske fra Holocaustofre stjålet i KZ-lejren Majdanek

Swedish artist, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, has stirred up controversy in his home country for blending the ashes of Holocaust victims, taken from a concentration camp, in water and using the resulting admixture to paint a picture.

The morbid work, which the Daily Mail described as a “small painting of grey streaks,” is currently on display in a gallery in the Swedish city of Lund.

Mere på The Times of Israel

Et åbent brev til Hausswolf fra Simon Wiesenthalcenteret:

Mr. von Hausswolff, you, like the Nazis’ use of human skin for lampshades and fat to produce soap have similarly twice murdered the bodies that were once the ashes you have desecrated, turning art into abomination. Hitler,as an aspirant painter, would have surely applauded.

Some might ask, “is your necrophilia a mental sickness or a commercial design?”

This is hardly relevant. What you have done transcends your personal perversity. In stripping all dignity from the dead of a grandparent generation, you have encouraged the young to choose barbarism over conscience, the dark ages over civility.

Mr. von Hausswolff, we recommend two gestures to attempt to assuage your damage:

– return your painting to the Majdanek camp authorities for re-burial of the diluted ashes in its mass grave.
– endow your own mortal ashes for use by a young painter as a work in your own image to be cremated.

From dust to dust.

Han skulle også prøve at male med døde muslimer – kunne han ikke stjæle asken fra en islamisk’martyr’? .