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23 oktober 2010

Krig i Lyon

Forfatteren Renaud Camus skriver på sin blog om ‘optøjerne’ i Lyon:

(We) express our exasperation with the mendacious obstinacy – even if it is by omission – of the media, who continue to speak of the very grave events in Lyons, without ever mentioning their essentially and almost exclusively ethnic nature, except through the few cryptic allusions that have become de rigueur. The scenes of devastation are, in truth, one more manifestation, and one of the most violent, of the hateful aggression of counter-colonizing forces against the indigenous population and its property.

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4 september 2010

Ahmed – den ny Gargoyle på Lyons katedral siger: Allah Akbar


The head priest of the Lyons cathedral cannot be “disturbed” during his vacation? A Muslim contractor takes it upon himself to put his own likeness on the cathedral facade? Nobody stops him? They burned Jeanne d’Arc for a lot less.

Bear in mind that the Archbishop of Lyons is the Primate of Gaul. That Muslim builder knew what he was doing. Islam is now “incorporated” on the facade of the cathedral. Why doesn’t the Archbishop intervene? Is this perhaps an example of inter-religious dialogue?

Click the Novopress link above for another photo, and visit François Desouche for hundreds of comments (in French, of course) and a video.

A French fast food chain has fuelled the country’s bitter debate over the influence of Muslim values by banning pig products from its menu.

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