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13 december 2016

Ny film: Luton The HOTBED OF TERRORISM (New 2016) Documentary Tommy Robinson Anjum Choudhry (53 min)

Om filmen

A controversial original film shot and produced by Golden Century. In this new documentary, A local filmmaker interview key figures from the town to question the beliefs of some of the radical hate preachers, and the stance the local authorities are taking to combat the extremism. The film presents two sides of the town;

1. The beliefs and goals of the radical hate preachers, who are keen on spreading the message of hate under the banner of ‘Freedom of Speech’

2. The authorities or the representatives of the town trying to eliminate the problem and keeping the town united.

The key figures interviewed in this film are solely from Luton or have a major influence on Luton.

1. Anjum Choudhry – Leader of the banned group ‘Al- Muhajirun’ and a radical hate preacher now serving five years in prison for supporting ISIS.

2. Tommy Robinson – Former leader of EDL, now an active member of Pegida.

3. Gavin Shuker – MP Labour of Luton South.

4. Kathryn Holloway – Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire.

5. Dr Abdul Majid – World Renounced Islamic Scholar, TV Personality based in Luton.

6. Peter Jolly – Local Pastor from Luton.

Golden Century (Copyright)
All Rights Reserved 2016

17 november 2016

Tommy Robinson Arrested

Tommy Robinson goes to the house Ian McLoone Luton Solicitor who put his details online.

15 februar 2016

Britain First: Paul Golding og Jayda Fransen anholdt

24 januar 2016

Kristen patrulje får muslimer til at gå grassat i Bury Park Luton UK

Luton er Tommy Robinsons hjemby.

Bury Park in Luton is an area notorious for Islamic extremists, ISIS fanatics, hate preachers and terrorists.

It is perhaps the worst hotspot in the whole country for Islamists.

In response to the recent imprisonment of an ISIS supporter (who is from Bury Park) Britain First carried out a “Christian Patrol” along the High Street and encountered ferocious hostility from local Muslims.

What followed was a shocking look into the Islamisation of our beloved country.

Our activists were attacked and pelted with eggs. Verbal abuse was rife. Muslims claimed they have “taken over” Luton and the UK. This is the future of Britain.

21 december 2015


Tommy Robinson is the co-founder and former spokesman and leader of the English Defence League (EDL) “street protest” movement, and also founded the European Defence League.

For a short time in 2012 Robinson was joint Party Vice Chairman of the British Freedom Party. He led the EDL from 2009 until 8 October 2013, when he was persuaded to quit the organisation and to discuss alternative ways of tackling extremism with the think tank Quilliam.

ABOUT THE OXFORD UNION SOCIETY: The Union is the world’s most prestigious debating society, with an unparalleled reputation for bringing international guests and speakers to Oxford. It has been established for 189 years, aiming to promote debate and discussion not just in Oxford University, but across the globe.

1 juli 2015


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Hundreds of British patriots turned out to protest at the Islamification of Luton, including many locals.

A sea of British flags made their way through Luton to the rallying point where they heard speeches from Britain First leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen. Dozens of veterans and armed forces personnel were present, as were big media outlets such as ITV and the BBC.

26 juni 2015

Britain First har vundet over Luton Politi

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24 juni 2015


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Britain First leaders Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen explain our options in light of Bedfordshire police seeking to obtain an injunction prohibiting our protest in Luton.

15 november 2011

Vi kører en tur med Tommy Robinson (EDL) i hans hjemby Luton

4 oktober 2011

Kulturberigelse: Anjem Choudary leder muslisk protest i Luton

Storbritannien er bare nogle få år foran Skandinavien.

5 februar 2011


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England anses almindeligvis for tabt. Men som altid har man glemt at spørge arbejderklassen: English Defense League

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff beretter om dagens EDL demonstration i Luton:

What a day! – I am on my way home at the end of a day that will eventually find its place in the history books in the United Kingdom, and perhaps even in the rest of (free) Europe. What began two years ago with a small march protesting the Islamization of Luton has today culminated into a demonstration by nearly 6,000 people.

This demonstration, organized by the English Defence League and headed by its leader Tommy Robinson, brought together activists and protesters from all over the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Germany, France, and Austria. There were men and women from all walks of life, young, old, students, laborers, mothers, fathers, tattooed football hooligans drinking beer after beer and chanting “We will never surrender” and singing “God save the Queen”.

There were veterans from the war in Afghanistan (“I am very disappointed in my country; I feel my country has let me down. There is no aftercare for those who have returned unscathed.”). There was a young man whose brother has just survived a mine blast in Afghanistan and felt he needed to show his support. There was also a Pakistani woman of Jewish origin who converted to Christianity a few years ago.

Most of all, there were those who came to voice their anger. And there was a lot of that anger. It was in the air, and could be felt very clearly.

Walking around the street where the protesters gathered, I looked into the faces of these lads, trying to find what the press keep describing as “hatred”. But I was unable to find any. The mood was a somber one, despite the high beer consumption, and the reason for that mood had a simple explanation: native Lutonians no longer recognize their own city. There are Muslim gangs running the streets, harassing women and girls. There is a city council which caters solely to the Muslim groups, giving in to their every demand, the latest one being — no surprise here — a mega-mosque to be built in the very near future. The Lutonians are no longer Lutonians, but strangers in their own city, the place where they were born and grew up.

And, perhaps most dangerous, they are no longer even heard by their elected officials. Instead, members of the EDL are branded as racists for saying they want England to remain English; for complaining about their children being served halal-slaughtered food in their schools; for not wanting shariah law to be established in Luton or anywhere else in England.

EDL Luton #10These brave men and women do not deserve to be labeled “racists” for defending their home country. In a normal world the otherwise silent majority would be lining the streets applauding them for their bravery, and thanking them for standing up for their hometown. But in today’s warped world, they are called “racists”, “xenophobes”, “fascists”, and many other less polite epithets.

Rabbi Nachum Shifren — who traveled to Luton all the way from California — and I were able to engage some of the press in discussions. The BBC appeared hopeless, as usual, with its reporter telling me, “But you can find all that in the Old Testament as well!”

Or the Reuters journalist who still believes that Islam can be reformed. I treated him to a short explanation of the closing of the gates of ijtihad. In any case, he failed to notice that if Islam is indeed in need of reform, then there is in fact already a major problem.

As the street filled with hundreds and hundreds of protesters waving their EDL flags and chanting their slogans, I made my way to the front of the demonstration. I was surprised to find these boys extremely friendly and charming when I asked them to make way for me. Some of them even recognized me and thanked me. Their kindness was unexpected and very welcome. However, I was even more surprised that, given the per-capita beer consumption, there were no outright drunks to be found. Yes, some may have been tipsy, but I did not feel threatened in any way. We were in agreement that we would rather have drunk Englishmen than Sharia imposed on England.

At 2 pm the march started. The push from behind was no longer containable; people wanted to move and express their anger and disappointment. The police were out in full force riding on horses. There were riot police with walkie-talkies and protective visors as well as the evidence-gatherers. Given the stories I had heard about their treatment of the EDL in the recent past, I was happy to see the indifference in the faces of the policemen and women. They were certainly cooperative and courteous, and they made me feel safe. Assisting the police was a massive force of EDL stewards, who appeared to have the situation under control.

One rather tense moment occurred when we passed beneath a bridge and there was shouting and commotion. “Traitor, traitor, we know you are a traitor,” some of the EDL lads shouted, and appeared to kick out a man who had infiltrated.

The march continued without further incident through the deserted center of Luton to St. George’s square, where a podium had been set up for the speakers. The square filled quickly with thousands of marchers and protesters waving their flags and chanting “E-E-EDL!”

EDL Luton #11Tommy Robinson then took the stage and gave one of his most engaging speeches, calling every member of the audience a hero for attending this rally. He also promised to resist the building of the proposed mosque in Luton. Tommy then introduced a mother whose story moved many of those hard boys to tears. She had lost her daughter to a Pakistani who had abducted her with his car, had an accident, and ran away leaving the car to burn, with the girl inside. What is especially monstrous about this is that this Pakistani man lied to rescuers about the presence of the girl inside the burning car, leaving her to burn alive. This man is now in prison, but due to be released soon “on good behavior.” The booing emanating from the crowd was loud and clear. Tommy promised to do everything in his power to prevent this man’s release. The mother then added that she has received a life sentence, and so should the Pakistani man.

It was hard for me to take the stage after this moving story. But my speech was very well received, and I was proud to be standing there in support of a grassroots movement. There was no violence that I was aware of, just as I had hoped.

And immediately after my speech I was whisked away by some bodyguards and escorted personally by Tommy to Warren, his uncle, who had kindly volunteered to drive me to the airport.

It was a huge honor to have taken part in this memorable day. I met many kind and engaging people, people so different from me, but who all share my vision of a sharia-free society. And I intend to support this group for as long as it takes for us to win.

Never surrender!”

Klippet fra Gates of Vienna

Tommy Robinson til Adam Boulton: “You are not listening, are you?”

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23 juli 2010

Endnu et slag mod ytringsfriheden i UK

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Scores of police had to break up clashes between members of the right-wing English Defence League (EDL) and Muslims in Luton town centre on Thursday.

Læs mere på Bare naked Islam.

23 marts 2009

Londonistan: Imamer siger: fortsæt med at fornærme militæret, ‘det onde demokrati’ og ytringsfriheden

Exiled Omar Bakri, his follower Anjem Choudary and Ishtiaq Alamgir, the man who led the recent protest against troops in Luton, said Muslims should continue to insult British soldiers and attack “evil” democracy and freedom of speech, no matter what the consequences.

They said British forces had “blood on their hands” and warned that Britain could face more terror attacks if it did not accept “the truth of Islam”.

The clerics spoke at a hotel in Walthamstow, with Bakri appearing by video link from Lebanon.

Mere på Evening Standard

17 marts 2009

Hvis vi tager dem om n…….. – følger følger hjertet og sjælen med

We can expect Luton-style protests and worse in the years to come unless the Government gets a grip on Islamism, says Ed Husain.

The campaign for hearts and minds needs serious energy, vigour, and vision. We cannot defeat terrorism by hugging extremists. As Charles Colson, chief counsel to President Nixon, once said, “if you grab them by the balls, the hearts and minds will follow”. Unless the Government sends a strong message through a strategic shift in its thinking, we will be discussing Luton-style protesters and much worse in years to come.

15 marts 2009

Pat Condell om episoden i Luton

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Opdatering: Britiske tropper i triumftog gennem Derby.

11 marts 2009

Britiske soldater hjemvendt fra Irak skal ikke forvente heltemodtagelse


Two people were arrested during angry scenes as 200 soldiers marched through a Bedfordshire town centre to mark their return from Iraq.

It happened as anti-war protesters held placards saying “Anglian Soldiers Go To Hell” and “Butchers of Basra”.


The protesters then had to be protected by police as supporters of the soldiers turned on them shouting “Scum” and “No surrender to the Taleban”.

Mere på BBC

A Muslim preacher of hate today ridiculed British soldiers who were abused during a homecoming parade – branding them cowards who have an ‘uncanny knack for death by friendly fire’.

Firebrand preacher Anjem Choudary praised the Muslims who had protested at yesterday’s parade for the 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment in Luton.

And in an inflammatory message posted on an Islamic extremist website, Choudary viciously mocked their comrade who was killed by friendly fire in Iraq.


Choudary, who has links with banned Muslim cleric Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, likened the soldiers to Nazis and branded yesterday’s homecoming a ‘vile parade’ of ‘brutal murderers’.

Choudary said: ‘On 10th March 2009 200 pathetic and cowardly British soldiers from the second battalion, of the Royal Anglian Regiment, pompously marched through Luton to demonstrate their skill at murdering and torturing thousands of innocent Muslim men, women and children (in Iraq) over a 24-month period.’


One protester at yesterday’s rally, Sayful Islam, the leader of the Luton branch of an organisation that has the same beliefs as al-Muhajiroun, was unrepentant today.

He said: ‘The anger has been rising. The parade was the final insult. They have killed, maimed and raped thousands of innocent people. They can’t come here and parade where there is such a Muslim community.’


Last night the mother of David Hicks, a captain with the Royal Anglian Regiment who was killed in Afghanistan in August 2007, called the protests ‘extremely distressing’.

‘I felt very saddened and extremely upset,’ said Mrs Hicks, of Wokingham, Berkshire. ‘I also feel a little angry. I think every mother or father who has lost somebody in Afghanistan or Iraq would feel very difficult about this.

‘It’s very easy to tarnish all the Muslim community with the same brush, but I do wonder, if the roles were reversed, if such a protest would be allowed in a Muslim country.’

Se billeder fra demonstrationen her. Se også Skjoldungens indslag med video.

Nå men der skal jo bare lidt dialog til – så de stakkels briter ikke reagerer så uforskammet næste gang de muslimske overmennesker giver udtryk for deres berettigede harme. Britanistan tilhører jo alligevel snart dar-al-islam.

Holstebro og Luton – med en lille forskel.

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I den første video ser vi The Royal Anglian Regiment – “The Pouchers” – ved sin hjemkomstparade i Luton.

Der klappes, vinkes med “Union Jack” og der høres anerkendende tilråb. Herovre kan soldaterne endda gå i takt – men de har jo også musikledsagelse:

I den næste video ser vi en gruppe missing links kulturberigere benytte sig af den ytrings- og demonstrationsfrihed som deres værtsland tilbyder dem. De må beskyttes af politiet!


Se også.