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9 marts 2010

Hollandske Socialakrobater får medicinen at føle på egen krop

Immigrant voters provided important support for Labour (PvdA) in Wednesday’s local elections, but this support is now causing unrest among PvdA council members who are losing their jobs to immigrant candidates.

The majority of immigrants voted for the PvdA. They generally choose a compatriot. As a result, Turkish and Moroccan candidates put at unelectable levels on the party candidate lists were nonetheless elected in Wednesday’s elections. Thanks to a large number of preference votes from compatriots, they elbowed aside the white candidates above them on the lists.

This has given rise to turmoil within the PvdA.

5 marts 2010

Wilders inde – muslimerne ude

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The Party for Freedom (PVV), centre-left D66 and local parties have emerged as the big winners in the local council elections.

The biggest loser in an absolute sense was Labour (PvdA), but the moral losers were the Christian democrats (CDA).


The National Muslim Party (NMP) did not succeed in capturing a seat in any of the seven municipalities in which it was running. In Tilburg, Almere, Alkmaar, The Hague, Rotterdam, Woerden and Noordoostpolder, Muslims likely opted as expected for established parties such as PvdA, GroenLinks and D66.

No extreme right parties ran in the elections – though some consider the PVV should be counted as one.

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