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30 august 2011

Lille Henrivende Inge. Teddy Petersen og hans Orkester. København 1936.

Inge Sørensen (1924-2011)

“Lille Henrivende Inge” (Little Lovely Inge) – one of the most popular and beloved Danish sport swimmers during 1930-40’s.

Only age 12, Inge Sørensen took part in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. Inge Sørensen won bronze at the Olympic Games in Berlin. Also she and the rest of the Danish sport stars who took part in the Olympic Games in Berlin 1936, denied to raise their right arm for the Heil Hitler salute!

During the German occupation of Denmark 1940-45, the German sport authorities several times offered Inge Sørensen a great career in germany, but every time she said no! During WW2, Inge Sørensen became one of the symbols of the Dane who refused the Nazis, which made her very popular everywhere in Denmark! During the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, the legendaric Danish radio reporter Gunnar “Nu” Hansen, nicknamed Inge Sørensen as “Lille Henrivende Inge” (Little Lovely Inge” in the directly broadcastings from Berlin.

In Denmark she was remembered and known by everybody as “Little Lovely Inge”. Returning to Denmark after her great succes at the Olympic Games in Berlin, Inge Sørensen was celebrated all over Denmark.

In her honour this waltz “Lille Henrivende Inge” (Little Lovely Inge) was composed and recorded on 78rpm records. Today this lovely waltz is more or less forgotten, but still remembered by the old generation.

After WW2, Inge Sørensen and her husband settled in South Africa and later on in New Jersey in USA. Inge Sørensen visited several times Denmark after her emmigration. She died in New Jersey on March 9th, 2011.