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31 oktober 2009

Frankrig: Frejus, Paris, le Havre og Tours

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Indbrud, overfald, mord, narkotikahandel, optøjer med stenkast og Molotov-cocktails mod politiet, carbeques etc. udført af ‘multietniske’ bander, hvoraf der er mindst 60 i Paris alene.

The city authorities are not unaware of the problem. “We mustn’t minimize the problem, but what is happening is not comparable to other more sensitive neighborhoods. It is normal, for those who have lived in greater peace, to become emotionally agitated by new phenomena,” acknowledges Bertrand Binctin, the city official in charge of security. But he warns of the danger of irresponsible judgments. “The latest newcomers have become a scapegoat. These families are not necessarily responsible for the reported crimes”, he says to tone down the effect, and he points to the efforts of the neighborhood police.

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