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4 oktober 2015

Tsunami i Kroatien: Muslimerne (islamvasorerne) vælter ind som en græshoppesværm

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17 september 2015

Islamvasion nu i Kroatien

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19 marts 2010

Radovan Karadzic: “Krigen mod muslimernes islamistiske mål var retfærdig”

The Serb cause in the Bosnia war was a “just and holy” war against the “Islamist goals” of Muslims, Radovan Karadzic has claimed during his trial against United Nations genocide charges.

Karadzic quoted George Kenney, a US State Department official, telling Alija Izetbegovic, a Bosnian Muslim leader to block negotiations and to “hold out for a unitary Bosnian state”.

He accused a “conspiracy core” of fundamentalists of having tried to create an Islamic state with Western support.

”They had an Islamist goal. They wanted 100 per cent power as it was in the days of the Ottoman Empire. There were fundamental goals changing the destiny of a whole region,” he said. “They want Islamic fundamentalism and wanted it from 1991 to 1995.”

By supporting Bosnian secession from Yugoslavia, Karadzic claimed, Western powers led by Germany, Serbia’s old World War Two enemy, triggered the civil war. “The German victory was complete when its former adversaries from World War Two were doing their work from them,” he said.

Karadzic also quoted Ruud Lubbers, the Dutch Prime Minister in 1991, warning that German pressure for unilateral independence of Croatia and Slovenia would lead to civil war.

”The German government was pressing for recognition against the resistance of other European countries. The result was a catastrophe,” Mr Lubbers said, according to Karadzic.

The defendant, 64, accused Bosnian Muslims of “war tricks” by bussing in corpses and artificial body parts to stage atrocities in Sarajevo during the 44 month siege of the city where 12,000 civilians were killed.