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16 oktober 2013

Antallet af muslimer i Island er øget med 10.000% – moskebyggeri på attraktiv grund betalt af skatteyderne

The Reykjavík City Council has approved a building permit for the construction of the first mosque in Iceland.

The mosque will be built in Sogamýri, an upscale district near downtown Reykjavík on a highly desirable plot of land that was granted to Muslims free of charge, courtesy of Icelandic taxpayers.

Members of the city council — which is led by Reykjavík Mayor Jón Gnarr, who identifies himself as an anarchist — say they hope the prime location will make the mosque a prominent landmark in the city.

Critics of the mosque, however, say the project is being financed by donors in the Middle East who are seeking to exert control over — and radicalize — the growing Muslim community in Iceland.

Although reliable statistics do not exist, the Muslim population of Iceland is estimated to be approximately 1,200, or 0.4% of the total Icelandic population of 320,000. Most Muslims in Iceland live in the capital Reykjavík, where they make up about 1% of the total population of 120,000.

The Muslim community in Iceland may be small in comparison to other European countries, but its rate of growth has been exponential: Since 1990, when there were fewer than a dozen Muslims in the country, their number has increased by nearly 10,000%. Much of this growth has been due to immigration, but in recent years native Icelanders have also been converting to Islam in increasing numbers.

Mere på Gatestone Institute

24 september 2013

Konvertitten Samantha Lewthwaite angiveligt død i Nairobi Kenya

Earlier this morning, the body of a white woman was reported to have been found among terrorists killed when Kenyan troops stormed the besieged shopping mall.


The Kenyan Daily Post

Fred? Tolerance? Respekt overfor kvinder og børn? FUCK ISLAM!

21 juli 2011

Arrestationer i Australien efter shariah afstraffelsen

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19 juli 2011

Australsk konvertit smager shariah

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21 januar 2011

Council of ExMuslims Forum – We left Islam, You can do it too!

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17 december 2010

Droner angriber britiske konvertitter

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8 september 2010

En ubelejlig sandhed: 10 gange flere hate-crimes mod jøder end mod muslimer i USA

According to the latest hate crime statistics available, there were 1,606 hate crime offenses motivated by religious bias in 2008. A closer look: 65.7 percent of them were committed against Jews. Against Muslims? 7.7 percent. […]

Another interesting data point: 4.7 percent of hate crimes in 2008 were motivated by anti-Catholic bias. Another 3.7 percent were anti-Protestant. So from a raw numbers perspective, there were more hate crimes against Christians in America in 2008 than there were against Muslims. Given our large Christian population, it’s true that each Christian is far less likely to be victimized, but the numbers still show that religious haters have not been singling out Muslims.

Yet America’s an Islamophobic nation – don’t you ever forget it!

Mere på NewsBusters

Anti-Semitic Cartoons on Progressive Blogs

24 august 2010

Skjult kamera med fransk konvertit

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17 august 2010

Kristendom er stadigt den største religion i de langt de fleste europæiske lande, men hvor længe?

Den egyptisk-fødte italienske journalist og politiker og tidligere muslim Magdi Christiano Allam, der konverterede til kristendommen for i 2008, mener at Europa nærer et skæbnesvangert had til sine egne kristne rødder og er ved at gøre sin egen religion til en minoritet.

Magdi Allam mener, at et Europa, der ikke bygger på kristendommen, er alt for let et bytte for radikale islamistiske kræfter. Religionsrapport har været i Rom og har talt med Magdi Allam om Europas åndelige og politiske fremtid.

Tip: J.D.

11 maj 2010

I Stenings-Pedersens fodspor?

For mindre end seks år siden var den idag drabssigtede jetset-rocker Brian Sandberg nære venner med Lille A, der i dag regnes for en af de to ledere af Blågårdsbanden.

I den forbindelse forsøgte Blågårdslederen, at gøre HA-rockeren til muslim.

Tip: M.C.

9 december 2009

Ha ha ha – der fik vi dig

24 september 2009

Koran på hjernen

Remarkable german documentary about the gradual radicalisation and moral deroute of Barino Barzoum.

Son of a coptic christian father and german catholic mother.

It details how the Quran disguises seeds of hate and scorn as indisputable opinions of the creator of the universe. This mixture of ruthlessnes and worship has a very interesting albeit devastating influence on the believer. Making an otherwise intelligent person loose his natural capacity for making moral judgements.

Highly recommended for anyone intererested in the psychology of islamic mindgames and memes

Via Vlad Tepes Blog

13 august 2009

Jeg er kristen nu – min familie skal dræbe mig

Fredens og tolerancens religion.

Send det på TV i den bedste sendetid!

14 januar 2009

Den stærkeste bande tiltrækker svage fanger

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Inmates report that the high-security prison is turning into an “American-style jail” where those who are not in a gang are in trouble.

Prisoners have also told inspectors that people are converting to Islam for their own protection against growing gang-related violence inside the dispersal prison.


“Yes, there is a gang culture here, which is becoming an issue. A lot of people are becoming Muslim just because it is a bigger gang,” said one. “There are issues with Muslim gangs wanting to overpower others,” said another.

Mere på The Guardian

Fra Kirsten Damgaard, kulturpsykolog.

5 august 2008

Søn af hamaSS leder konverterer til kristendommen

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I’ve left a society that sanctifies terror.

Nor does he attempt to hide his affection for Israel, or his abhorrence of everything representing the surroundings in which he grew up: the nation, the religion, the organization.

“Send regards to Israel, I miss it. I respect Israel and admire it as a country,” he says.

“You Jews should be aware: You will never, but never have peace with Hamas. Islam, as the ideology that guides them, will not allow them to achieve a peace agreement with the Jews. They believe that tradition says that the Prophet Mohammed fought against the Jews and that therefore they must continue to fight them to the death.”

Fra EoZ via GG – EoZ

24 maj 2008

Kærlighedens religion tager sig af de svageste

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Mr Otter said: “The injured man had one of the explosive devices on him, which partially went off. The other, in the vicinity of the restaurant, did not go off.”

Armed officers raided the house in King Street, Plymouth, connected to 22-year-old Nicky Reilly, who is believed to have converted to Islam.

“Our investigations so far indicate that Reilly, who has a history of mental illness, had adopted the Islamic faith. We believe that despite his weak and vulnerable state he was preyed upon, radicalised and taken advantage of.”

Mere på BBC 


16 maj 2008

Ny lovgivning i Iran kan indføre dødsstraf for ikke at være muslim

The government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has introduced legislation before the Iranian Majlis that would mandate the death penalty for apostates from Islam, a sign that it will brook no proselytizing in the country.

“Life for so-called apostates in Iran has never been easy, but it could become literally impossible if Iran passes this new draft penal code,” says Joseph Grieboski, the president of the Institute on Religion and Public Policy in Washington. “For anyone who dares question the regime’s religious ideology, there could soon be no room to argue—only death.”

Grieboski points out that the text of the draft penal code uses the word hadd (prescribed punishment), which explicitly sets death as a fixed, irrevocable punishment. He worries that it could be applied to religious and ethnic minorities like Christians, Bahais, Jews, and Azeris by treating them as apostates.

Articles 225 to 227 of the draft penal code define two kinds of apostates: fetri, or an innate apostate—who has at least one Muslim parent, identifies as a Muslim after puberty, and later renounces Islam; and melli, or parental apostate—who is a non-Muslim at birth but later embraces Islam, only to renounce it again. The draft code says outright that punishment for an innate apostate is death. However, parental apostates have three days after their sentencing to recant their beliefs. If they don’t, they will be executed according to their sentence. It isn’t clear when this bill will be passed, though Grieboski says, “International pressure and attention—in large part due to our work—has significantly slowed the parliament’s progress.”

Mere på U.S.News 

20 april 2008

Girl next door

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9 april 2008

Er normalitetsbegrebet bare noget statistisk?

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A PAEDOPHILE has converted to Islam and changed his name behind bars.

Paul Falconer, 40, now insists bosses at Peterhead prison call him Mohammed Farooq instead.

Mere på Daily Record

Sådan at forstå, at hvis man skifter fra en kultur, hvor der er få og det er uacceptabelt, til en kultur, hvor der er mange og det er tilladt. Bliver man da ‘normal’?

Og nu han er konverteret – kan han da slippe for behandling?

Muslim sex offenders could be allowed to opt out of a treatment programme being run by the Prison Service because it is against their religion.

The service’s Muslim adviser, Ahtsham Ali, said there is a “legitimate Islamic position” that criminals should not discuss their crimes with others, as required in the Sex Offender Treatment Programme.

Although Mr Ali has not yet called for changes to the rules, he told prisoners’ newspaper Inside Time: “I will be taking it forward as a matter of some urgency with colleagues, including those with policy responsibility for the Sex Offender Treatment programme, who I know are very willing to consider and discuss these issues.”

The possibility of an exemption for Muslims came to light after an unnamed prisoner wrote to the newspaper asking to clarify the position of Muslims on the programme.

2 april 2008

Og så tror vi også på den om Julemanden

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Muhammed med de gule støvler kan malke en ged‏.

Selv da han var blevet Arabiens mægtigste mand, levede han som sine medborgere.
Hans eneste luksus var en smuk hest, smukke våben, parfume og et par gule støvler, som Ethiopiens hersker havde foræret ham. Han erklærede, at Gud havde forbudt ham at bære guld og silke. Han reparerede selv sine sandaler, malkede geden passede ilden og fejede gulvet. Han klagede aldrig over maden, han spiste den eller lod den stå. Bygbrød, dadler og vand var hans daglige føde, mælk og honning en luksus. Hans hustruer havde hver sit lille lerklinkede hus, skilt fra de andre med palmegrene. Selv havde han intet hus. Tæt ved lå moskeen og en bænk, hvor fattige kunne få mad. Det var næppe på grund af erotisk begær, at han levede polygamt i sine sidste år. Efter Khadidjas død ægtede han Sauda, en ulykkelig enke, og aftalte ægteskab med Abu Bakrs 7-årige datter Aisha – sikkert for at besegle deres venskab. Siden tog han hustruer fra tidligere fjendtlige stammer. Det var en gammel, uskreven lov, at man ikke angreb en stamme, som man var forbundet med gennem ægteskab. En af hans hustruer var jødinde, og den kristne Maria, en gave fra Ægyptens leder, blev moder til hans søn Ibrahim. For at forsøge at behandle sine koner ens overnattede han hos dem skiftevis.

Uddrag fra Talip Alp set på den danske konvertit Aminah Tønnesens hjemmeside om muhammed.

Kirsten Damgaard, kulturpsykolog.

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