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29 juni 2010

McCarthy og Verona papirerne

Following the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, enormous amounts of data became available, including the Venona papers:

Coded messages from the KGB and other communist intelligence agencies about communist agents in the United States   (Evans, M. Stanton.  Blacklisted By History:  The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies).

We also know now that CPUSA was a faithful creature of the Soviet Union.  “Far from being mere indigenous radicals working for peace and social justice, as sometimes argued, the party and its members were subservient tools of Moscow-and those who weren’t subversive didn’t stay very long as members.”  (Evans, Pg.  20):

From a composite of all these data, it’s evident the Soviet/Communist operation in the United States, as elsewhere, was vast, sophisticated, and effective, nowhere more so than in seeking positions of official influence.  The Red networks reached into virtually every important aspect of the US government, up to very high levels, the State Department notably included.  All of which was obviously congruent with the warnings of McCarthy and others who sounded the alarm about such matters in the late 1940s and early ’50s.  There was in fact an immense conspiracy afoot, there were secret Communists burrowing in the woodwork, and these Communists were, in case after case, devoted agents of the Soviet Union. (Evans, Pg.  21).

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21 maj 2010

Er Helle Thorning-Schmidts svigerfar landsforræder?

Zagladin’s records also note that the former leader of the British Labour Party, Neil Kinnock, approached Gorbachev—unauthorized, while Kinnock was leader of the opposition—through a secret envoy to discuss the possibility of halting the United Kingdom’s Trident nuclear-missile program.

The minutes of the meeting between Gorbachev and the envoy, MP Stuart Holland, read as follows:

In [Holland’s] opinion, Soviet Union should be very interested in liquidation of “Tridents” because, apart from other things, the West—meaning the US, Britain and France—would have a serious advantage over the Soviet Union after the completion of START treaty. That advantage will need to be eliminated. . . . At the same time Holland noted that, of course, we can seriously think about realisation of that idea only if the Labour comes to power. He said Thatcher . . . would never agree to any reduction of nuclear armaments.

Kinnock was vice president of the European Commission from 1999 to 2004, and his wife, Glenys, is now Britain’s minister for Europe. Gerard Batten, a member of the UK Independence Party, has noted the significance of the episode.

“If the report given to Mr. Gorbachev is true, it means that Lord Kinnock approached one of Britain’s enemies in order to seek approval regarding his party’s defense policy and, had he been elected, Britain’s defense policy,” Batten said to the European Parliament in 2009. “If this report is true, then Lord Kinnock would be guilty of treason.”

Læs mere om 50,000 upubliserede, ikke-oversatte, top-hemmelige Kreml-dokumenter fra den kolde krigs tid.

Hvilken forbindelse er der eventuelt til den danske venstrefløj og den såkaldte ‘fodnotepolitik’? Eller Dragsdahl? Eller? Eller?

3 april 2006

Revealed: Victims of UK’s cold war torture camp

Photographs of victims of a secret torture programme operated by British authorities during the early days of the cold war are published for the first time today after being concealed for almost 60 years.

The pictures show men who had suffered months of starvation, sleep deprivation, beatings and extreme cold at one of a number of interrogation centres run by the War Office in postwar Germany.

A few were starved or beaten to death, while British soldiers are alleged to have tortured some victims with thumb screws and shin screws recovered from a gestapo prison. The men in the photographs are not Nazis, however, but suspected communists, arrested in 1946 because they were thought to support the Soviet Union, an ally 18 months earlier.


Fra The Guardian og mere her

Denne historie blev refereret i DR-P1 her til morgen. Allerede da de nævnte overskriften, og jeg hørte P1’s journalistens klynkende stemme læse historien op -tænkte jeg med det samme ‘Guardian’ – Ja ganske rigtigt, hvem kunne ellers finde sådan en historie frem, der er selvfølgelig allerede krav om erstatninger og undskyldninger. Formålet er selvfølgelig at vise, at englænderne, der reddede verden fra tyranniet, faktisk ikke var bedre end Gestapo. Profeten er slem, men Guardian er slemmere. Spændende at følge med i hvordan denne Politisk Korrekte historie vil udvikle sig – vi har ikke hørt det hele endnu.