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30 september 2008

‘White flight’ – middelklassen flygter fra London

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Nearly a quarter of a million London residents quit the city last year.

Another 200,000 left the increasingly packed and polluted South-East for lives in quieter parts of the country.
The exodus is powerful evidence of the phenomenon known in Whitehall as ‘churn’ – found in parts of the country where there has been both high immigration and high numbers leaving.
It has also been labelled ‘white flight’ after the desertion of American cities in the 1950s and 60s by whites heading for racially-segregated suburbs.

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Læs også: In an exclusive interview, Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, reassured the Muslim community that he would continue in the step of his predecessor Ken Livingstone on supporting diversity and equality projects.

10 marts 2008

Meet Alan Craig

Læs mere om Mega-Moskeen og lokalpolitik i London