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27 november 2010

Om kirken i Avignon hvor muslimer urinerer under messen og kaster afføring på murene

For his part, the Archbishop of Avignon, Jean-Pierre Cattenoz reveals that he too has encountered youth like those described above.

“My pectoral cross is often the object of mockery by young French persons of North African origin. When I tell them that it was given to me by Pope Benedict XVI, they say: ‘Who’s he?'”

With his frankness, he wonders about the conditions of “living-together” in the France of tomorrow.

“We are at a turning point in the religious history of our country,” continues the archbishop. A former math teacher, he has done his calculations: “Gallic families, traditionally Christian, are having on average two children. Muslim families living in France have closer to four, five, even six children. Based on that, it is easy to imagine that France will be majority Muslim in twenty or thirty years,” predicts the bishop. He adds with a touch of provocation: “For fifteen years I lived in a land of Islam. I am therefore prepared to live in a France that has a Muslim majority. It’s just that I wonder what the conditions of our cohabitation will be like.”