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20 september 2013

Bananrepublikken EU – budgettet ikke godkendt på 18. år – præget af korruption og uigennemsigtighed

The EU president has sent a shot across the bow of Europe’s official spending watchdog warning it to rein in its criticism of Brussels and focus on promoting the union.

Herman Van Rompuy told Europe’s Court of Auditors that he wants their findings to generate positive headlines with particular regard to Europe’s £110 billion yearly spend.

The watchdog has been a thorn in the side of Brussels, publishing a series of critical reports on wasteful spending and refusing to sign off the EU’s budget for 18 consecutive years because of concerns about fraud.


Ukip leader Nigel Farage told the Daily Telegraph:

‘The Court of Auditors which has not signed off the EU accounts for 18 years, is asked to go easy and provide good PR only for the EU,’ he said. ‘In which other banana republic in the world would the president publicly call for less exposure of waste of taxpayers’ money?.’

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30 maj 2010

EU’s ikke-præsident indrømmer: Europas befolkninger blev vildledt om Euroen

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With the crisis over the euro threatening promising to wreck the entire EU project, it would appear that death-bed confessions are now in order from those who have helped promulgate this fanatical cause.

The Telegraph reports that the EU President, Herman Van Rompuy, has now admitted that the peoples of Europe were misled over the impact of the euro.

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