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5 november 2010

Hans Jansen vidneudsagn i Geert Wilders sagen

28 oktober 2010

Geert Wilders politianmelder dommer

PVV Leader Geert Wilders accompanied by his lawyer, Bram Moszkowicz has put in a police complaint about Judge Tom Schalken of the Amsterdam court.

Wilders said that the judge has attempted to influence one of the witnesses in the proceedings against him. Schalken participated in a dinner three days before the proceedings started. The Arabist Hans Jansen was also present. He was an expert on behalf of Wilders in the proceedings. Jansen wrote that Schalken raised the issue of the proceedings there. Schalken is one of the judges who initially forced the Prosecution to bring proceedings against Wilders.

The Alice in Wonderland justice system on display in the Amsterdam Court show trial of MP Geert Wilders took another bizarre turn. One of the presiding judges engaged in a thinly veiled attempt to turn an expert witness for the defense, Hans Jansen at a dinner party. Anywhere in the US, such antics would get the Judge dismissed from the bench and subjected to a judicial ethics proceeding leading to possible disbarrment. Wilders accomplished defense counsel, Bram Moszkowicz immediately requested that the judges in the proceeding be dismissed and the witness be recalled. November 5th had been set for a decision in the case. Certainly the public prosecutors thought there was no basis for a conviction of Wilders based on the original charges of violations of a hoary hate speech law in The Netherland. Wilders broke his self imposed silence to say, ” The trial is a great big Mess”.

Geert Wilders magasin ude i hollandske kiosker i dag. Men ifølge dette link er der tale om Wilders-bashing.

Wilders to Get ‘his’ Own Glossy. AMSTERDAM, 28/10/10 – MP Geert Wilders is to get his ‘own’ glossy magazine. The magazine will be in the shops from today. Ego-glossies …