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20 oktober 2014

Den Internationale Domstol i Haag begynder at efterforske krigsforbrydelser og folkemord begået af ISIS i Irak

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Youssef Mohammed has revealed that the Kurdistan Parliament has asked the International Criminal Court in the Hague in Netherlands to regard the massacre of Kurdish Yazidis and others in the Mosul area as genocide.

The complaint has been accepted by the court and in the next few days, Kurdish Parliamentary delegates will hand over evidence regarding the genocide to the court.

“What has been happened to Yazidi women in Sinjar [kidnap, rape and slavery] is much worse than what has happened to all the men and the town itself,” said Mohammed.

The Kurdistan Parliament has made a complaint to the Hague court about Yazidi, Christian and Turkmen genocides that carried out by IS. The court has accepted the case and will discuss it soon.

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I mellemtiden: “Danmark breder velkomstmåtten ud for islamister

6 september 2011

En pæstilensisk stat

Læs mere om Haag Konventionens og Amnestys definition på ‘besatte områder’. En definition Amnesty ser bort fra, når det gælder Israel.

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21 december 2009

Haag: Politiundersøgelse af børnemishandling under korankurser

The Municipal Health Service (GGD) in The Hague has asked the police and the public prosecution to investigate possible child abuse during Qur’an courses in some mosques in the city.

In April the Municipal Council accepted a motion to investigate reports of children being beaten during these lessons. In its investigation, a department of the GGD has found 49 indications of such abuse, which shows a pattern. Half of the cases concerned courses given under the auspices of the El Islam Mosque.

Fra Bad News From the Netherlands

13 august 2009

Muhammed det mest populære navn for nyfødte drenge i Hollands 4 største byer

Men statistikerne forsøger at skjule det.

SVB generally only publishes national baby-naming statistics. Elsevier comments that the various ways of writing ‘Mohamed’ are also regarded by SVB as different names – as a result of which this name misleadingly fails to appear in the Top 20 nationally, the magazine notes.

Og lige et par ekstra overskrifter fra Holland:

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3 november 2008

Albanien modsætter sig undersøgelse af fjernelse af organer fra kidnappede serbere

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Ifølge Haag-domstolens tidligere anklager Carla del Ponte har albanerne kidnappet og fjernet organer fra hundredevis af serbere.

“We will not investigate anything, and we won’t give you any documents!”, Albania’s poor excuse for a Justice Minister Enkelejd Alibeaj barked at the Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor during his visit to the neighboring state capital, Tirana.

Alongside Albanian State Prosecutor Ina Rama, Alibeaj was hosting meeting with members of the Serbian War Crimes Prosecution, who went to Albania to seek cooperation regarding the investigation of gruesome crimes committed on the territory of Albania and the sale of the internal organs of kidnapped Kosovo Serbs and other non-Albanians from the southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija.

According to Del Ponte, kidnapped victims were held in storage depots and similar facilities in northern Albanian towns, such as Kukes and Tropoje. Young and healthy prisoners were regularly fed and were spared beatings and torture prior to being moved to places where their vital organs were extracted for sale to the wealthy customers in the West. Those who had only one kidney removed in the first surgery would have been stitched up and returned to the human stable, until the need for another of his organs arises. In this way, the prisoners would learn about the fate which awaits them and would beg on their knees to be killed at once, Carla Del Ponte wrote, after several Albanian eyewitnesses testified about the horror in the Hague.

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28 juli 2008

Hvorfor processen mod Radovan Karadzic er et kriminelt spild af tid og penge

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Daily Mail gør i en artikel op med FN’s ‘International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia i  Haag.

Artiklen konkluderer:

We are used to hearing protests at the overweening power of international organisations such as the International Monetary Fund and, of course, the European Union. These institutions are accused of arrogance, of having their own institutional agenda, or of being controlled behind the scenes by powerful states.

But when it comes to international criminal tribunals, by contrast, people assume that they must, by definition, be moral and objective.

Yet international tribunals can abuse their power just as easily as national ones. In fact, the likelihood of abuse is greater since international institutions are never elected: they are not controlled by any legislature and they take decisions without ever having to bear political responsibility for the consequences.

This is the very definition of unaccountable power.

As such, it is the antithesis of the justice which all defendants are entitled to expect, whatever the charges against them.

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