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21 april 2013

Glenn Beck giver Obama et ultimatum

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Ultimatummet lyder ca sådan: “fortæl selv det inden mandag eller også gør han det”

Jeg har ikke den fjerneste anelse om “hvad” det er, Glenn Beck vil have Obama til at fortælle.

Men det vedrører åbenbart denne saudiaraber, som FBI først mistænkte for at stå bag bomberne i Boston.
Senere sagde FBI at han ikke havde noget at gøre med dem,
men alligevel skulle saudiaraberen udvises af USA med stor hast.


( se dette tidligere indlæg på Hodja)

Og – interessant nok – har Michelle Obama åbenbart besøgt ham på hospitalet …
Læs mere om det her


Glenn Beck må være meget sikker i sin sag – ellers bliver han totalt til grin.

Det bliver nok en interessant mandag .

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21 november 2011

Obama skaffer penge til dem, der har finansieret hans valgkamp

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En ny bog “Throw them all out” er blevet meget populær i USA. Forfatteren Peter Schweizer beskriver heri, hvordan Obama-administratioen har skaffet masser af spekulationspenge til dem, der har støttet Obama’s valgkamp.

Hør et interview af forfatterren med Glenn Beck. Hvis det er rigtigt, er det korruption på statplan.
her er interviewet

30 januar 2011

Nogle mordforsøg på amerikanske politikere kommer i medierne – andre kommer der aldrig


Why is the media not covering an assassination attempt on Missouri’s Democratic governor Jay Nixon by 22-year-old Casey Brezik? Why has the limited coverage not prompted the same level of speculation as the attack perpetrated by Jared Lee Loughner? Could it be because he’s an anti-capitalist, anti-Christian, left wing crazy person? Glenn had the story on radio this morning from RedState.com:
“The rightwing kooks. Okay. ’22‑year‑old kook Casey Brezik wore a bulletproof vest and charged towards Missouri’s Democratic governor Jay Nixon with a knife and attempted to slash his throat. Now, how is it that we have not heard about this story? “In light of the media’s race to talk about the rights climate of hateful rhetoric, you probably guessed by now that Casey was an anti‑Christian, anticapitalist leftists who participated in a number of leftwing protests. He’s also diagnosed a paranoid schizophrenic. Luckily for all involved, Brezik was high on pot at the time and so was a little confused. Instead of slashing the governor’s throat, he slashed the throat of a community college Dean he took for the governor.’ A throat was slashed and this isn’t a story. He was going for the governor,” Glenn read on radio.

Glenn, however, refused to believe the story unless it was verified by additional sources. “Now, I won’t hear of this story anymore until I have forty sources,” he said.

“A man accused of stabbing a Kansas City college official intended to attack Missouri governor Jay Nixon and mistakenly believed he had done so police said Thursday. The suspect, 22‑year‑old Casey Brezik, did not know Nixon and had no particular beef with the governor. But he decided to attack him because he was a top government official, Kansas City police spokesperson Darin Snapp said,” Stu read from The Huffington Post. The article did not mention the political views of Casey Brezik.

1 november 2010

Jon Stewarts møde i Washinton vs. Glenn Becks

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30 august 2010

Den amerikanske venstrefløj hader Glenn Beck

Og de er rasende over, at Beck samlede 300-500.000 mennesker i Washington på mindedagen for Martin Luther King.

After insisting for a generation that Martin Luther King is a national figure who needs a national holiday and a street in every city, our liberal friends now tell us that Martin Luther King is off-limits for conservatives.

Video via Curmudgeonly&Skeptical

Uriasposten om danske mediers behandling af sagen.

29 august 2010

Mega Tea party i Washington i dag

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26 august 2010

Glenn Beck show om Ground Zero moskeen

25 august 2010

Glenn Beck om New York og Hussein Obama

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29 juni 2010

McCarthy og Verona papirerne

Following the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, enormous amounts of data became available, including the Venona papers:

Coded messages from the KGB and other communist intelligence agencies about communist agents in the United States   (Evans, M. Stanton.  Blacklisted By History:  The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies).

We also know now that CPUSA was a faithful creature of the Soviet Union.  “Far from being mere indigenous radicals working for peace and social justice, as sometimes argued, the party and its members were subservient tools of Moscow-and those who weren’t subversive didn’t stay very long as members.”  (Evans, Pg.  20):

From a composite of all these data, it’s evident the Soviet/Communist operation in the United States, as elsewhere, was vast, sophisticated, and effective, nowhere more so than in seeking positions of official influence.  The Red networks reached into virtually every important aspect of the US government, up to very high levels, the State Department notably included.  All of which was obviously congruent with the warnings of McCarthy and others who sounded the alarm about such matters in the late 1940s and early ’50s.  There was in fact an immense conspiracy afoot, there were secret Communists burrowing in the woodwork, and these Communists were, in case after case, devoted agents of the Soviet Union. (Evans, Pg.  21).

Læs mere på Joy Tiz

12 november 2009

Rupert Murdoch: Hussein Obama er racist

In an interview with his own Sky News Australia, News Corp. chief Rupert Murdoch said he agreed with Glenn Beck’s view that President Barack Obama’s has made racist comments.

12 marts 2009

Finanskrisen – hvor ska’ vi hen du?

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27 marts 2008

Brad Thor discusses Fitna with Glenn Beck

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