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21 januar 2013

Google censurerer Gates of Vienna

Bloggen er snart oppe på en ny server – i mellemtiden kan den findes på Vlad Tepes.

vienna0International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) skriver: “In a gross act of censorship Gates of Vienna has been removed by Google from its Blogger platform.  After many years of talking truth to power, those with power have decided to pull the plug.

Many people involved in the Anti-Sharia movement became involved due to the threat that sharia posed to freedom of speech.  We saw as long ago as the Satanic Verses affair in the 1980s that sharia principles and freedom of expression are incompatible.  In the 21st century we saw this again with the Danish Cartoons crisis.  It seems clear that you can have freedom of speech or you can have sharia, but you can’t have both.  The censorship of Gates of Vienna is the latest episode is the systematic erosion of freedom of expression by those who favour sharia.

The apparent connivance between Western governments and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) does not bode well for the continuance of free and open societies in the Western world.  Sharia principles are increasingly becoming embedded in Western societies and the assault on Gates of Vienna provides yet more evidence of this.

Censoring blogs because those with power in society do not like their content represents a move in the direction of tyranny.  It will be interesting to see which blogs will be next on Google’s ‘hit list’. (more…)

18 maj 2008

En sand ven af Danmark – og det ægte Europa.

Vil USA isolere sig fra et fortabt Europa?

Som det nok er vore faste læsere bekendt har Hodjas Blog et tæt samarbejde med den i særklasse bedst orienterede amerikanske blog – Gates of Vienna.  Denne blog har været “instrumental” i afholdelsen af de foreløbig tre Counter-Jihad konferencer på europæisk grund, sidst i Wien.  Under pseudonymet Baron Bodissey (selv i USA er det nødvendigt at bruge et “nom de guerre“) har den mandlige halvdel af bloggen ligeledes taget initiativet til oprettelsen af et “netværkernes netværk” til koordination af information og initiativer i den globale modstandkamp mod vor tids svøbe, islam.

Men hvorfor engagerer en ærke-amerikaner sig så indgående i en 1.400 år gammel krig, der fortrinsvis udkæmpes på europæisk grund?

Sobieski og Baron BodisseyEn del af svaret fremgår af billedet her. Det er taget i Wien for en uge siden.  Baronen er af sikkerhedsgrunde kun med på billedet med sin vigtigste del, forstanden.  Den rummer til gengæld et væld af viden og vid.  Men lad ham svare for sig selv:

“In my Transatlantic operations I repeatedly find an astonishing level of ignorance on either side of the Atlantic about the other. People seem to glean their ideas about the other continent mainly from the MSM, which means that inaccuracy, caricature, and oversimplification are the order of the day. When I go to Europe, I have to combat an invincible ignorance about America. Too many people get their ideas mostly from Hollywood and CNN International — after all, what other sources do they have?

Americans, on the other hand, grossly oversimplify what is happening in Europe. When you speak of “incapacity and stupidity and cowardice”, your example is the French, and it may or may not be accurate. But you overlook the courage of the Danes and the Swiss, for example. And the Czechs, the Poles, and the Hungarians — indeed most of the former East bloc peoples — are stalwarts.

The front line in Europe is poorly defended. The strongest anti-Muslim forces are generally on the right, but not entirely — witness the Socialist Workers’ Party in Denmark. Some of them are inveterate anti-Semites (e.g. FN and FPÖ), but others, such as Sverigedemokraterna and Vlaams Belang, most assuredly are not.

Unfortunately, to find out the differences, to discover the most viable allies in our efforts, requires a lot of work. I try to listen to what the Europeans themselves have to say — regular people, not the political leaders or talking heads on TV — and be open to seeing the situation the same way they see it.

Relying on what the political leaders or NGO reps say is not a good idea, because ordinary people have a totally different view of what’s happening.

And to write off entire countries or the whole continent is to neglect the fact that millions of people — literally millions, the majority of the populace — do not agree with what is being done in their name. They are decent, law-abiding citizens with jobs and families who want to find a way to reverse what’s happening. The political deck is stacked against them, and I have dedicated myself to helping them find a viable way of defending themselves against the Islamization that is being forced upon them. As an American, I have some advantages in the fight, including the First Amendment and my relative safety on a different continent.

Whether you are “isolationist” or not is irrelevant for our purposes. If we let Europe fall to the new Saracens, the consequences for the United States will be devastating, if not fatal.

It’s not a battle we can afford to sit out.”

— Baron Bodissey