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26 oktober 2010

Interessant undersøgelse fra Gaza og Vestbredden

Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research har stillet følgende interessante spørgsmål til helt almindelige pæstilensere:

In your view, can people in the Gaza Strip/West Bank today criticize the authority without fear?

The percentage of Gazans who answered “no” about their territory was 71.2%. This would not surprise most observers. But the percentage of West Bank Arabs who answered “no” to the same question about their territory was nearly as high: 68.4% (or 71% of those who answered the question.)

To what extent are you worried or not worried that you or a member of your family could be hurt in your daily life by other Palestinians such as those affiliated with Fateh or Hamas?

The answers for West Bank and Gaza were again very similar – 48% of Gazans were worried or very worried about being hurt by other Palestinian Arabs, but 45% of West Bankers have that same fear.