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21 oktober 2011

50 år gammel tegnefilm advarer os

Via Always on Watch

3 december 2010

Frihet, likhet og Det muslimske Brorskap

6 november 2010

Wilderssagen afslører alvorlige problemer i Vesten

In a cultural and ideological clash with a civilization that attempts to alter and influence our Western freedoms, we need people like Mr. Wilders to remind us of what we enjoy.

Instead of putting him on trial for statements that are largely based on facts, it might be a better idea address the problems he emphasizes and cherish our right to speak and think as we see fit. In order to do so, Western countries should be less afraid in cultivating their own culture and values, tackling problems of integration, and outlining the problems they face in an open way.

The freedoms we enjoy in our Western civilization are not going to defend themselves. We will have to do that. We are the ones who have to reiterate, re-establish, revalue and if necessary, redefine the freedoms that are the very base of our civilization. Eventually these freedoms are only as strong as those who are willing to defend them.

Mere af Ivar Scheers på American Thinker.

24 august 2010

Hussein Obamas forbrydelser mod friheden

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16 maj 2008

Kronik af Peter Skaarup i Jyllands-Posten

Om den dyrebare frihed.

21 april 2008

Geert Wilders i Folketinget

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Ifølge den Hollandske nyhedsbulletin skal Geert Wilders tale om frihed i Folketinget 1. juni.

Jeg har desværre ikke mere lige nu.