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17 juni 2010

En folkefjende

Bruce Bawer og HRS udnævnes i en halvofficiel norsk rapport til folkejender:

The “shadow report” is 68 pages long, and is divided into five articles. Article 5 is entitled “Prohibit and Eliminate All Forms of Racial Discrimination and To Ensure All Equality before the Law.” The first item under this heading is “Islamophobia.” And the section about Islamophobia is entirely devoted to HRS and me. HRS, which has formulated laws that are now on the books in Denmark and Norway and that help to protect the rights of Muslim women and girls, is described as “a state funded advocate of anti-muslim prejudice. … HRS has a constant negative focus on Islam and muslims. … HRS is both a major actor in and of themselves and a major resource for anti-Islamists.” The report further denounces HRS for having posted articles on its website in support of Geert Wilders.

But HRS’s major offense, it would appear, is having employed me. I am the subject of no fewer than three items under the category “Islamophobia.” The first item notes that when my book While Europe Slept was named a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award for 2006, the president of the NBCC called the book an expression of “Islamophobia” and an NBCC board member (who, by the way, later turned out not to have even read the book, only the title and subtitle) called it “racism as criticism” (whatever that means).

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