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8 april 2008

Sssshhh – det er en hemmelighed – ingen må sige det højt – selvom alle ved det

Treasury undersecretary Stuart Levey told a Senate panel that the Saudi government has not taken promised steps to stop wealthy donors from bankrolling al-Qaida and other terrorists.

“Saudi Arabia today remains the location where more money is going to terrorism, to Sunni terror groups and the Taliban than any other place in the world,” Levey said


Despite hearing Levey’s bombshell testimony, Congress is rubberstamping a proposed White House deal to export $20 billion in arms to the Kingdom and other Arab states, including smart-bomb technology that could be used to harm a real ally like Israel.


Levey revealed the Saudi government still has not set up a financial intelligence unit or charity oversight commission to track terror funding as it promised to do more than six years ago after 15 of its citizens attacked America.

Nor has it prosecuted al-Qaida financiers such as Yasin al-Qadi, a wealthy Saudi businessman who shows up on both the U.S. and U.N. terror blacklists.


Will Saudi dispatch its air force to drop smart bombs on the al-Qaida camps in Pakistan it’s helping to bankroll? The CIA director just warned that al-Qaida is training a new breed of Western-looking terrorists at those camps to attack the U.S.

In exchange for their arms deal, will the Saudis do more to stop the smuggling of cash and suicide bombers into Iraq? A recent Pentagon report showed Saudi aid to the Iraqi insurgency dwarfs that of other Muslim nations, including Iran.

It has become painfully obvious that the Saudis are playing a dangerous double game of privately supporting Islamic terror while claiming to be our friends. How many times will Washington allow this nation to be betrayed?

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Selvfølgelig vil Saudi-barbarerne ikke det. Først når den tid kommer, hvor den saudiske elite er truet, sker der noget – og så er det måske for sent. En joker er, at Vesten for eksempel kunne konfiskere alle de penge, de har investeret hos os.