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9 februar 2008

Why so much bad news?

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You may wonder, if you follow EuropeNews on a regular basis, why is there so much bad news about Islam?

Well, so do I.

When I assumed the post of international editor of EuropeNews in summer 2007, I was looking forward to getting the full picture of Islam, including the stories that the MSM would not pay attention to. I had followed the news closely enough to be aware that the majority of the news would probably be bad, but I did expect something good to appear here and there, things that deserved exposure.

I was, to my dismay, wrong.

Læs mere på EuropeNews, der er oppe igen – ihvertfald med nyhedsbreve.

PS: HRC slutter med: “If you come across any good news about islam, please tell us.”

Det kan jeg da kun tilslutte mig.

8 februar 2008

EuropeNews under attack

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EuropeNews is suffering a DoS (Denial of Service) attack, causing the pages to load slowly, partially or simply return various error messages.

This appears to be a case of political cyberwar.

A Turkish hacker team by name of AyYildiz Team (Crescent and Star Team) has attacked various German sites. More information on Earth Times.

The problems seem related to a fire in Ludwigshafen, Germany, in an apartment inhabited by a Turkish family. Claims of arson have been thrown around, nothing proven.

ABC News report.

Guardian report.

Unsurprisingly, the Turkish government is exploiting the event to the max. Zaman report.

The implications are explored in this Spiegel report.

This article will be updated.