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22 august 2013

Den hollandske socialminister går ind for at begrænse arbejdskraftens fri bevægelighed i EU

Dutch Minister of Social Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher and English publicist David Goodhart, have jointly written an article in which they claim that the European Union has to deal with the extreme problems the Free Movement of Workers in Europe cause.

The work and income of European workers is threatened by Eastern European newcomers who are used to much lower salaries and do not yet know the welfare state.

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30 maj 2013

I UK har de også den fakta-resistente venstrefløj

Forfatteren DAVID GOODHART har skrevet en indvandringskritisk bog og bliver derfor udelukket fra en forfatterfestival (the Hay Festival).


“My book has lots of numbers and Peter Florence (arrangøren/Hodja) does not like the ‘numerical’ approach to this subject. “

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