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5 april 2015

En arabisk(kristen) interviewer Daniel Pipes

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Daniel Pipes forudsiger et opgør med Islam i Europa

Daniel Pipes er en af de mest kendte eksperter i Islam.

Jeg er ikke enig med ham i alt, han er efter min opfattelse for optimistisk,
med hensyn til muslimsk modstand mod islamisme,
men hør hans interessante synspunkter i interviewet her.

Omkring 35:00 siger han:

“In Europe, I am quite sure, there will be a confrontation [between islam and european’s]. I have no doubt, there will be a confrontation between the majority population, that is not muslim, and the minority, that is muslim. The 5 % muslims against the 95 % non-muslims. In the US, I’m not so sure. In part because we will learn from Europe, what not to do”

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26 juli 2014

Hvorfor genstartede Hamas krigen mod Israel ?

Ezra Levant spørger en “rigtig” Mellemøstekspert : Daniel Pipes

Han kommer med nogle meget interessante betragtninger til slut om hvad der optager araberne nu


2 oktober 2013

Daniel Pipes skriver: Adskillige fordele for arabere ved at blive i Mellemøsten

Pipes skriver om syriske flygtninge – hvorfor skal de absolut til Vesten?

More importantly, Muslims of Arabia share deep religious ties with their Syrian brothers and sisters, so settling there avoids the strains of life in the West. Consider some of the “forbidden elements” that Muslim refugees avoid by living in Arabia:

Pet dogs (61 million of them in the United States alone).

A pork-infused cuisine and an alcohol-soaked social life.

State-sponsored lotteries and Las Vegas-style gambling emporia.

Immodestly dressed women, ballet, swimsuit beauty contests, single women living alone, mixed swimming, dating and lawful prostitution.

Lesbian bars, homosexual-pride parades and same-sex marriage.

A lax attitude toward hallucinogens, with some drugs legal in certain jurisdictions.

Blasphemous novels, anti-Koran politicians, organizations of apostate Muslims, and a pastor who repeatedly and publicly burns Korans.

Instead, Muslims living in Arabia can rejoice in a law code that, unlike Ireland, permits polygamy and, unlike Britain, allows child marriages. Unlike France, Arabia allows the advocacy of wife-beating and goes easy on female genital mutilation. Unlike in the United States, slaveholding does not entail imprisonment, and male relatives can carry out so-called “honor” killings of their womenfolk without fear of the death penalty.The example of Syrians and Arabia suggests a far broader point: Regardless of affluence, refugees should be allowed and encouraged to remain within their own cultural zone, where they most readily fit in, can best stay true to their traditions, least disrupt the host society, and from whence they might most easily return home. Thus, East Asians should generally resettle in East Asia, Middle Easterners in the Middle East, Africans in Africa and Westerners in the West.Mere på Washington Times

14 februar 2012

Ezra Levant interviewer Daniel Pipes om hvad der sker i Syrien og Iran

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Daniel Pipes er en af de mest anerkendte kommentatorer om Mellemøsten

Her er et indlæg om hvad Israelerne mener:

25 oktober 2011

Mellemøsteksperten Daniel Pipes er ikke glad for udviklingen i Libyen /Tyrkiet

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Daniel Pipes mener at Nato har gjort et dårligt bytte med Gadaffys død og islamisters overtagelse af mangten. Han mener også at Tyrkiet er ved at blive et problemland

20 januar 2010

Retssagen mod Geert Wilders er begyndt

OPDATERING: Daniel Pipes: Why I Stand With Geert Wilders.

25 marts 2008

En modig mand: Magdi Allam – muslim, italiener, zionist og nu kristen

I påsken døbte Paven Magdi Allam – en muslimsk apostat.

Haaretz skriver om ham

It’s not every day that a Muslim intellectual puts his own head on the line to defend Israel’s right to exist. But that is exactly what Magdi Allam, an Egyptian-born Italian writer and journalist, has been doing for years. He recently published a book whose name alone is enough to endanger his life: “Long Live Israel – From the Ideology of Death to the Civilization of Life: My Story.”

Allam defends Israel even though Hamas condemned him to death in 2003, after he denounced the group’s terror attacks. Because of this threat, the Italian government has provided him with round-the-clock bodyguards. But Allam is not afraid. He finds it hard to “live an armored life,” but he tells Haaretz in an interview, “I’m willing to pay the price in order to continue to be who I am, to write and speak freely.” Those who cut out tongues and slit throats will not subdue him, he writes in the book.


I påsken blev han som sagt døbt af Paven i Rom:

VATICAN CITY – Italy‘s most prominent Muslim, an iconoclastic writer who condemned Islamic extremism and defended Israel, converted to Catholicism Saturday in a baptism by the pope at a Vatican Easter service.

An Egyptian-born, non-practicing Muslim who is married to a Catholic, Magdi Allam infuriated some Muslims with his books and columns in the newspaper Corriere della Sera newspaper, where he is a deputy editor. He titled one book “Long Live Israel.”

As a choir sang, Pope Benedict XVI poured holy water over Allam’s head and said a brief prayer in Latin.


Allam also explained his decision to title a recent book “Viva Israele” by saying he wrote it after he received death threats from Hamas.

“Having been condemned to death, I have reflected a long time on the value of life. And I discovered that behind the origin of the ideology of hatred, violence and death is the discrimination against Israel. Everyone has the right to exist except for the Jewish state and its inhabitants,” he said. “Today, Israel is the paradigm of the right to life.”

Daniel Pipes har fornylig afsløret Tariq Ramadan i at lyve om Magdi Allam.

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