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27 august 2016

Alvorligt, men også humoristisk indlæg fra Daniel Greenfield

Ifølge ham vinder vi krigen mod Islam, men det bliver værre, før det bliver godt

Han starter med at analysere de sædvanlige undskyldninger for muslimsk terror
– Det er enlige ulve ( bruges ikke så meget mere, da folk indser at det er ulveFLOKKE)
– Det er “bare” en psykisk syg mand, som “tilfældigvis” er muslim …

Til det sidste punkt foreslår han at USA smider millioner af Prozac piller ned over den arabiske verden til at afhjælpe deres sindsyge … 🙂

Taget fra Vlad

8 oktober 2014

Daniel Greenfield: “moderat islam” er en religion opfundet af socialister for at kamuflere faren ved import af muslimske venstrefløjsstemmer

Meget læsværdig! Herfra

(Daniel Greenfield)

Daniel Greenfield is one of our sharpest. He has many great points and if you have the time, I advise you click the link above to read the whole piece.

“I have been searching for moderate Islam since September 11 and just like a lost sock in the dryer, it was in the last place I expected it to be. You won’t find the fabled land of moderate Muslims in the east. You won’t even find it in the west. Like all myths it exists in the imagination of those who tell the stories. You won’t find a moderate Islam in the Koran, but you will find it in countless Western books about Islam. …

Without a moderate Islam the Socialist projects of Europe which depend on heavy immigration collapse. America’s War on Terror becomes the endless inescapable slog that the rise of ISIS has once again revealed it to be. Multiculturalism, post-nationalism and Third World Guiltism all implode. Without moderate Muslims, nationalism returns, borders close and the right wins. That is what they fear. If there is no moderate Islam, no moderate Mohammed, no moderate Allah, then the Socialist Kingdom of Heaven on Earth has to go in the rubbish bin.

Their Islam is not the religion of Mohammed, the Koran, the Hadiths, the Caliphs or its practitioners in such places as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq or Indonesia. Their Islam is a religion that does not exist, but that they fervently believe must exist because without it their way of life is as doomed as the dodo.”

11 august 2010

Er islams problem manglende modernitet?

Daniel Greenfield skriver bl.a.:

The problem is not that Islam is not modern, it is that it is not civilized. The unspoken liberal assumption that modernity means tolerance and reason, is a slave to a linear understanding of history, an understanding that the rise of Islam has repeatedly discredited, when it first rose in what had been a relatively tolerant and even cosmopolitan region, and today when it rises in the face of Westernized globalization. Being modern does not necessarily mean being better, it means being more sophisticated. And that is exactly what modern Islamic terrorists, they are more sophisticated, even if it is a sophistication borrowed from the cultures they prey upon.

The variants of Islam that are most dangerous to us are both modern and reformed. But neither of those words means secular, which is what liberal Christians and liberal Jews tend to think modern religion means. Modernized Islam has simply learned from rival societies, religions and ideologies. Just as Mohammed learned from Christians and Jews to create a religion that took elements from both, before massacring and enslaving the people whose beliefs he had despoiled.

As a tool of war, a more sophisticated Islam is a more sophisticated weapon. Which is not what any sane person would desire. It is not more tolerant, because its ends have not changed, only the means have. The Islamists have once again taken what they need from other cultures and religions to strengthen and disguise their campaign, without ever conceding any ground. Westerners who apply the European model to the Muslim world are making an unfortunate mistake. While they see history as progressive, Muslims see history as circular. While in the West they think they are climbing a mountain, in the East they know that they are only turning a wheel. Westerners have thrown away their beliefs and their heritage to lighten their way up the mountain, but in the East they tie their beliefs into a noose for Western necks.