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3 maj 2012

Olympiade i London – Argentina provokerer

Argentina airs controversial Olympics advert of athletes in Falklands

The government of Argentina aired an advert last night showing one of its country’s athletes training for the upcoming Olympic Games on “Argentine soil” in the Falkland Islands.

The advert, broadcast on various channels at 10pm, prime time in Argentina, shows Fernando Zylberberg, a member of the men’s Argentine hockey team, running through the streets of Stanley in preparation for July’s games in London.

After watching Zylberberg train outside the Globe Tavern, the Falklands’ most popular pub, and sprint past the Penguin News, the islands’ only newspaper – which recently published a picture of Cristina Kirchner, the Argentine president, on its website under the visible filename ‘b—-’ – viewers read the slogan: ‘To compete on English soil, we train on Argentine soil’.

Og så venter vi bare på at Kirchner deltager i Miss World konkurrencen.