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22 februar 2010

Briterne kriminaliserer Counter Jihad

Official Statement Regarding The Arrest Of The EDL Leadership Team

On Saturday 20th February 2010 Members of the leadership team of the English Defence League were arrested as they traveled to Scotland to support the Scottish Defence League demonstration.
While in custody the team members homes and families homes were raided by police armed with automatic machine guns which terrified the leaderships family which included small children and other older family members. Computer equipment was seized during the 3 hour raid.
Leadership team members were banned from attending any meeting with more than 3 edl members then bailed to return to a police station in Sheffield in the near future.
We are asking every member of the EDL to be available to protest outside the police station when the team has to answer bail. (date to be confirmed).
We need to get the message across that we will not be silenced by being bullied by the authorities and our struggle against muslim extremism will continue.
We have agreed to cancel the Bradford demo as a small concession but will be announcing further protests as a result of the disgraceful treatment of our leadership team.
This is a call to mobilization.
We need every single person who supports the EDL to stand up and be counted and when required we need you to take to the streets in a peaceful and law abiding manner to support our leadership. More details will be released regarding demonstrations in the very near future.
If any EDL Members are arrested by the police please let EDL Media know as soon as possible as we are forming a group action and will be making an official complaint to the authorities in the near future.

Thank you in advance for your support.
A video statement will be released within 24 hours of this notice.Released on Sunday February 21st @ 13.21Homepage

13 maj 2008

Kan Civilisationen reddes?

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Den 3. Kontra-Jihad Konference fandt sted i Wien her i Pinsen. – Åbningstalen burde mejsles i granit.

“Europa er en krudttønde, og dets ledere ryger cigarer i krudtkammeret” [Otto von Bismarck]

CounterJihad Vienna 2008

Med dette citat indledte Serge Trifkovic, forfatter til bl.a. “Defeating Jihad – How the War on Terrorism can be Won” sin tale søndag aften til deltagere fra 15 europæiske lande:

Østrig, Belgien, Tjekkiet, Danmark, Finland, Flandern,Tyskland, Italien, Norge, Polen, Serbien, Spanien, Sverige, Schweitz, United Kingdom samt USA.

Han fortsatte:

“Jeg vil ikke spilde tiden med endnu et foredrag om hvorfor islam ikke er en religion om fred, tolerance, hengivenhed o.s.v., o.s.v….. det punkt er vi forlængst forbi.”

Den vigtigste tale der er holdt i mange år. Læs den ovre på Gates of Vienna.