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28 april 2011

Thailandske buddhister begynder at gå til modstand

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1 december 2010

Vestens økonomiske hjælp til muslimske lande der hader ikke-muslimer

At the moment it is clear that Islam keeps on spreading in many non-Muslim nations because of immigration, mixed marriages, conversions to Islam because of liberal Muslims who are on a hard sell course involving major kitman, the Muslim “victim card” in many media outlets, and Islamic funding from nations like Saudi Arabia is spreading a dual message.

This applies to literal Islam and kitman Islam in order to spread the faith.

Despite this the democratic world keeps on sending vast sums of money in order to help mainly Muslim nations and in return for this they still hate non-Muslims and Islamization continues.

It appears that the democratic world is sowing the seeds of its own demise and it is clear that in the past that when Buddhists and Hindus were strong in Afghanistan that they did not understand the nature of Islam. Once they understood the nature of stealth jihad, kitman, jihad, and Islamic Sharia law, then it was too late because soon all Buddhists and Hindus would face the sword of Islam and this was replicated in many other societies.

Even in modern times it is clear that de-Christianization is ongoing in Kosovo and de-Hinduization is ongoing in Kashmir and Pakistan. The same applies to Buddhists in southern Thailand and a host of other places like the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh where all non-Muslim groups face an Islamic onslaught and the Hindu population in Bangladesh is also in freefall.

Will the democratic world wake up or will they be crushed by liberal and left-wing forces which appear to be on a self-loathing mission while supporting the Muslim “victim card” and notion that Islam means peace?

Or a more alarming comment could be aimed at the political elites within the democratic world for endangering the free world by implementing policies that favored Islam and ignored the reality of political Islam and stealth jihad. Will these elites ever wake up or are they beyond reach?

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9 oktober 2010

Tre ud af fire folkeskoler i København giver fridage på muslimske helligdage.

Muslimske helligdage bliver nu markeret på mange danske folkeskoler på lige fod med danske højtider som jul, påske og pinske.

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Hvad med katolske, hinduistiske, buddhistiske, asetroendes og jødiske helligdage? Hvad med Spaghettimonsterets helligdage? Findes der mon ateistiske fridage? Der er nok at tage fat på. Eventuelt kunne man holde fri hele året?