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26 januar 2009

Allah Akbar au petit déjeuner à Bordeaux

Bloc Identitaire of Aquitaine, one of several very patriotic regional movements that seek to preserve and protect the ethnic identities of France, is trying to alert the population of Bordeaux to the realities of having a huge mosque in their midst.

To do this, on January 21, 2009 at 6:00 a.m. they drove around the city in a car equipped with a loud speaker that blared out to the residents of Bordeaux the sounds of the prayer call of the muezzin, a call that the people of Bordeaux will have to get used to hearing five times a day, unless the mosque project is stopped.

The following is a video of the mock prayer call. A most frightening sound. To have to listen to this five times a day is bad enough, but what it symbolizes – the gradual Islamization of Bordeaux – is even worse.

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