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29 september 2010

Spiller Søren Pind dum eller hvad?

Søren Pind har i dag måttet indrømme, at et dansk projekt har betalt beskyttelsespenge til Taleban, mens han spiller temmelig uvidende.

Allerede i august 2009 refererede Hodjas Blog til en artikel fra Reuters, som bl.a. skrev følgende:

The article by Jean MacKenzie originally appeared in GlobalPost. This is part of a special series by GlobalPost called Life, Death and The Taliban. Click here for a related article Funding the Pakistani Taliban.

KABUL — It is the open secret no one wants to talk about, the unwelcome truth that most prefer to hide. In Afghanistan, one of the richest sources of Taliban funding is the foreign assistance coming into the country.

Virtually every major project includes a healthy cut for the insurgents. Call it protection money, call it extortion, or, as the Taliban themselves prefer to term it, “spoils of war,” the fact remains that international donors, primarily the United States, are to a large extent financing their own enemy.

Everyone knows this is going on,” said one U.S. Embassy official, speaking privately.


“In the past there was a kind of feeling that the money all came from drugs in Afghanistan,” said Holbrooke, according to media reports. “That is simply not true.”

Talebanerne har åbenbart et kontor i Kabul, der administrerer pengene:

A shadowy office in Kabul houses the Taliban contracts officer, who examines proposals and negotiates with organizational hierarchies for a percentage. He will not speak to, or even meet with, a journalist, but sources who have spoken with him and who have seen documents say that the process is quite professional.


In the south, no contract can be implemented without the Taliban taking a cut, sometimes at various steps along the way.

Hvordan kan Søren Pind påstå at være uvidende om forholdene i Afghanistan, hvor vores funktion synes at være at sørge for, at opiumshøsten kommer i hus og finansiere Taleban? ‘The south’ er bl.a. Helmand provinsen!