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1 januar 2016

FBI efterlyser enormt farlig forbryder

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FBI Offers Reward in Vandalism of Local Mosque

The FBI Las Vegas Division is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for vandalism committed at the Masjid-e-Tawheed mosque located at 6180 W. Viking Road in Las Vegas, Nevada, 89103.

On the morning of December 27, 2015, at approximately 3:15 a.m., a white male was observed desecrating a local mosque by placing raw bacon on the various door handles of entrances to the mosque. The subject was observed wearing a dark blue hat, jacket, and black framed glasses. The subject appears to have black or dark brown hair with long thin sideburns.

At the time of the incident the mosque was unoccupied. No injuries or physical damage occurred to the mosque. Due to the nature of the crime, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police notified the FBI, which is investigating the matter as a possible hate crime.

Anyone with information is urged to call the FBI in Las Vegas at (702) 385-1281 or, to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at (702) 385-5555 or visit http://www.crimestoppersofnv.com. Tips directly leading to an arrest or an indictment processed through Crime Stoppers may result in a cash reward.


30 oktober 2015

Konspirationsteori? – Det er jo noget vi ved!

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Denne uken erklærte Verdens helseorganisasjon (WHO) at bearbeidet kjøtt, deriblant bacon og kjøttpålegg, samt rødt kjøtt er kreftfremkallende.

Before Bacon After Bacon

Dette har ikke gått konspirasjonsteoretikerne hus forbi, som hevder radikale muslimer har infiltrert og kontrollerer WHO.

Konspirasjonsteoretikerne mener å vite at bacon og pølser har blitt stemplet som helsefarlig, slik at kjøttproduktene blir forbudt på sikt, ettersom muslimer ikke spiser svin.

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26 september 2014

Banebrydende forskning vinder den alternative Nobelpris i medicin

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Forskerne får prisen for påvisningen af, at ukontrollerbar næseblødning kan behandles effektivt med bacon-pakninger.


MEDICINE PRIZE [USA, INDIA]: Ian Humphreys, Sonal Saraiya, Walter Belenky and James Dworkin, for treating “uncontrollable” nosebleeds, using the method of nasal-packing-with-strips-of-cured-pork.

REFERENCE: “Nasal Packing With Strips of Cured Pork as Treatment for Uncontrollable Epistaxis in a Patient with Glanzmann Thrombasthenia,” Ian Humphreys, Sonal Saraiya, Walter Belenky and James Dworkin, Annals of Otology, Rhinology and Laryngology, vol. 120, no. 11, November 2011, pp. 732-36.


Mere her.

10 maj 2013

Hemmeligheden for et langt og lykkeligt liv

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If you’re an aficionado of products produced from the pig – then this is the collection for you! Includes recipes for prosciutto, pancetta and speck as well as ham and bacon.

23 september 2012

Katastrofal nyhed

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En global mangel på bacon kan blive en realitet, efterhånden som europæiske landmænd slår deres grisebestande ned på grund af de stigende foderpriser.

Det skriver Wall Street Journal.

17 juli 2011

Nyt fra videnskabens verden

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Bacon kurerer tømmermænd.

23 oktober 2010

Nyt begreb til ordbogen: Lawfare

Lawfare: Krigsførelse/jihad ved hjælp af retssystemet:

Cafe owner ordered to remove extractor fan because neighbour claimed ‘smell of frying bacon offends Muslims’

The couple had never applied for planning permission as they had simply replaced an existing extractor fan with one of the same size and in the same position, but, following further complaints from their neighbour, they were informed by the council they would have to apply retrospectively as an objection had been raised.

They applied for planning permission in May this year, but the application was refused at a meeting of Stockport Area Committee on October 14.

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2 august 2010

Bacon musik

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Popsangerinden Kate Perrys næste plade handler om kød.

Jeg skal være iført en bacon-bikini på coveret. Jeg vil også have, at pladen skal lugte af pølser eller svinekød.

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24 maj 2010

Hurra for bacon!

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Tak til K.M.

18 marts 2010

43% af canadiere vil hellere have bacon end sex

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The people of Canada sure love their bacon.

In a recent survey conducted by Maple Leaf Foods, 43% of the respondents said they would rather have bacon than sex. Are you surprised? If you’re a daily reader of Bacon Today the answer is probably no. In fact, you’re probably asking a question of your own — Canadian or Traditional bacon? Sadly, the survey was not that specific.

20 december 2009

En svipser.

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Bacon-spisende muslimsk kok taber diskriminations-retssag mod Scotland Yard.

Daily Mail har en hjertegribende historie om en stakkels muslim, som er blevet svigtet af det i den slags sager ellers så pålidelige, britiske retsvæsen:

“Hasanali Khoja has worked for the London Metropolitan police since 2005. However, last year he decided to make a little extra cash by suing the police for making him cook sausages and bacon, which he claimed was against his faith.

He claimed that for 3 years, while working at Hendon Police college, he was informally allowed to get out of going anywhere near pork while working as a chef, but when he was moved to the city, this cop out no longer applied. So he decided to sue. – The problem for Hasanali was the Met brought out a number of witnesses who stated under oath that they had served up bacon sandwiches and sausage baps to our pious fellow at least twice a week while he worked at Hendon, and with that evidence in front of him the judge threw out the case leaving Hasanali with a legal bill of around £75,000.

Of course, because he subscribes to a victim culture, Mr Khoja has claimed he can only afford to pay his bill off at £80 a week as he claims he is living in a rented accommodation and has no assets. Caught out for the second time, it was revealed he sold his house for £200,000 last year.

It looks like Mr Khoja isn’t going to be having a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year.” (via Eye-On-The-World)

8 april 2009

Squeeze bacon

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Think Geek


4 februar 2009

Alle/alt burde smage af bacon

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Kan købes her.

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17 december 2008

Bacon Baum

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Jeg var sikker på, at det eksisterede.


Værsågod: Bacon-baum.

This unlikely Bacon Air Freshener is the perfect way to brighten any carnivore’s day. Put one up in the family room and everyone will have a sudden craving for a BLT. Each has a handy string for hanging and measures about 4″ tall.

Fundet via en dedikeret bacon-elsker.

Inspireret af diskussionen her.

Her er iøvrigt lidt julepynt 🙂

Vidste du, at Mercedes Benz hædrer bacon?

Bacon Today. Daily updates on sweet, sweet bacon.

Og nu vi er ved biler:

Har du en bacon-knap i bilen?

Nej nu holder jeg. Du kan selv fortsætte: http://images.google.com/images?ndsp=18&um=1&hl=da&rls=com.microsoft:*:IE-SearchBox&rlz=1I7MEDA&q=%2Bbacon+%2Bcar&start=90&sa=N

Shaky bacon

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Fra diskussionen om griseri i bilen.


Godtnok ikke ‘Bacon-baum’ 🙂

Under søgningen stødte jeg også på candied bacon coffee ice cream.

Samt Peanut Butter Bacon Crunch Ice Cream mm.

Bacon + Cake = Yay!

Ja jeg kom lidt vidt omkring – her er som rosinen på baconskiven – eller hvordan det nu er:



3 november 2008

Muslimsk pølsekoger klager over racisme

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A Muslim chef employed by the Metropolitan Police is launching a discrimination claim after he was asked to cook pork sausages and bacon.

3 april 2008

Beskytter den?

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Imod – I ved, hvad jeg tænker på??


Fundet her

1 februar 2008


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Så skal vi på redaktionen selvfølgelig have en lille drink.

Og den skal naturligvis være dobbelt haram.


15 januar 2008

Julegave med bacon koster politimand jobbet

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Britisk politimand tvunget til at sige sit job op, efter han i spøg gav en muslimsk kollega bacon og en flaske vin i julegave.

The recipient of the present, 31-year-old Pc Arshad Mahmood, said that while he considered the pack of bacon “a bit below the belt”, he still regarded Pc Murrie as “a good officer and a good friend”.

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